Janine Allis

The Project

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Janine’s profile (although already strong) has elevated both nationally and internationally.  I was approached by her PR team to work with Janine on updating her personal brand & style to reflect who she is as a mentor, investor, business owner, as well as yoga & fitness lover and mum of four.

We created 5 styles and looks that for her branding photography that bring out the best in Janine & her down-to-earth but strong & ambitious personality.

The Team

Having worked previously as an amazing team with Chris Daile (photographer) from Hell Studios and Tracey Bradley (make-up artist) from The Make-Up Room, we banded back together to create these stunning shots of Janine.  I couldn’t ask for a better team to work with on the day.

Janine looks stunning, the photos speak for themselves – what an absolute joy & amazing team, which of course includes Janine!

Winning Work via your Personal Brand

How did I win the work with one of Australia’s best female entrepreneurs?  Through my Personal Brand and Network!

Over the years I’ve worked tirelessly, mostly in the background, behind the scenes doing things that most others don’t and that is providing value to my network and creating alliances and friendships along the way.  Because of this, Janine’s new PR & Media relations consultant happened to be someone I had connected with, had proven to her my value (by showing her exactly what I do and how I do it) and then stayed in touch.  This has a direct impact on her opinion of me and my services and to add to this,  had never approached her for an introduction to any of her clients, instead, she came to me.

But that was only the beginning.  I also had to meet with Janine to form a relationship there too – and be trusted by her.  The best way to develop rapport and trust is to be honest and direct, show your personality and if the potential client  likes you, they like you and then work hard to ensure the experience they have with you is awesome.

I also asked if I could bring along a trusted make-up artist and photographer whom I’ve worked with in the past as all of us together, make the whole thing easy.  She said yes, we did the work and the results are fantastic.

Janine looks beautiful.

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