Feeding a different kind of hunger.

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The Concept

[Unity] One96 wants to bring together rescued food and turn it into breakfast with menu ideas from around the globe to treat you with the delights and wonders of eating breakfast in another land with no time-zone, travel or monetary barriers and provide this to the under-employed, unemployed and homeless in Melbourne CBD.

This concept is something Susan Young has been working on and the Universe sent Christine Smith of Rowville Community Kitchen who shares the same passion & vision to bring it to life.

The Community

Friends and support make the difference.  [unity] One96 are looking for a crew of contributors to become our community family so we can deliver our message and create a larger impact.

So far we have (potentially) video production, coffee, rescued food supply, social media, an app – this has all been done by using our networks and asking for favours… but we will need more once we’ve located premises and have more things underway, we are only scratching the surface of getting started.

Community | Culture | Cuisine

Food Rescue | Employment | Inclusion


Brand & Build


Website Design

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Now we need your support!


The Pitch:  on July 23rd Christine is pitching her idea to win seed funding and a crowdfunding kick-start to the project. Your support is needed.

Leveraging our networks

The Challenge is to rally enough people to come to the Pitch night and boost the campaign to gather momentum from the beginning.

Do some good!

The support we need is huge, but the concept is brilliant.  We will impact 1000’s of lives through rescued food, employment opportunities and building a community of mixed culture, collaboration and inclusion.

  • Supporters 50%
  • Rewards 80%
  • Online Campaign 75%
  • Email Subscribers 25%

The Campaign has begun...

We would love to have your support at the live Pitch event hosted by the City of Melbourne & StartSomeGood – there will be 4 pitches on the night, your entrance fee will go towards the Social Enterprise of your choice (or split between all 4 if you like) – this is an amazing opportunity to give back and support Women in their Social Enterprise Start-Ups.

We Are Creating Good

Do Some Good

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