We all waste at least one hour per day looking for things.  It is said we waste a year in our lives looking for something to wear.  In my experience, this is due to a lack of confidence in knowing how to create a capsule collection of clothing that works for YOU and your personal brand.

The service we offer is a luxury package which includes one on one time with a Personal Stylist, Make-up Artist, Hairdresser and Photographer to capture your Personal Brand Image & Personal Style that you want the world to see.

One Luxurious Day is also available as a stand alone service which doesn’t include the other elements of the Personal Brand Management Service & is more accessible for emerging entrepreneurs.

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One Luxurious Day


Finding your unique voice in a sea of internet noise can be overwhelming and utterly frustrating.  The last thing you want to be “putting out there” is a carbon copy of the bandwagon and trends.  You need to identify what sounds, looks, acts and is YOU to engage, impact and influence the people you want to work with.

We have carefully crafted a strategy that can be utilised in most industries and tailored to your individual personality and branding style story.  What you will receive is a congruent and consistent brand message and profile both online & offline so that you are in control, happy and never again overwhelmed at the thought of managing & delivering your message.

This service is only available via the Personal Brand Management package or if you prefer to DIY you can choose to work through The Powerful Personal Brand online program to learn the basics to get you from feeling un-noticed and under-regarded to a leader in your industry, this program has been designed so that you can manage your Personal Brand effectively and efficiently in 20 days.

HOT TIP!  Start small with Social Media.  Your presence should be where your target market hang out, do your research to see if there is un-tapped opportunity in networks that have large amounts of traffic e.g. Pinterest & showcase your Style.




Your Personal Brand IS Your Career.  There is a new paradigm shift in the way we work and the only way to stay ahead of the “competition” or game is to leverage your Personal Brand and become known & remembered for your talents & genius.

With over 20 years experience in the recruitment industry, I know how to turn your Career & Brand into a Business. I often hear from my clients that they find it difficult to get in front of the right people to ensure their progression.  Over the years I have learned how to tap into the hidden job market and have leveraged these skills to take into the business world.  Everything that I have learned from running a successful recruitment desk, to building world-leading recruitment systems has brought me to where I am today – YOU get the best of my entire Career Management Methodology and can implement this into your Personal Brand Management strategy – every person who has successfully completed this with me has found their perfect client(s) or career.

This service is only available through the Personal Brand Management package, however, I do work with some amazing Career Coaches & Mentors who are on my team who can work with you for your particular requirement – contact me and I’ll put you in touch with them directly through a specific introduction.


This has been said often enough as well as the principle that your value is the average of the 5 people that you spend your time with.  Networking is one of the most important elements of Personal Brand Management, though most people tend to have a dislike for the word and for it’s meaning.  When I talk “networking” I’m not talking about going out and gathering as many business cards as you can from dreaded networking events or investing in specialised networking clubs or societies, instead we take a strategic approach to building your network and alliances to ensure that there is always a win-win.

We also tie in PR and Media into your network.  Getting to know who can further help you to elevate your success will do your Career wonders and get you introduced to people you dream of “becoming friends” with.  Don’t get me wrong here, we aren’t about to enlist you into celebrity circles (though this has happened), but we will ensure you are spending time with the right people for YOU and your Personal Brand.

This service is only available with the full Personal Brand Management package or you can DIY via The Powerful Personal Brand online program which has been developed for you to manage your Personal Brand with ease within 20 days.