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my style isn't not your style - let's stick to our own thang...
Your Personal BrandThe Language of Style

Your Style Speaks its own Language

We have a daily rhythm, often it goes like this:  alarm goes off, go to the loo, shower, breakfast (for some) find clothes to wear.  Personally, I like to stay in my PJ’s.  Anyhoo… this is about you… this is what happens:

STARE into the wardrobe for a while.  Stare a little longer and try to decide what to wear.  This ends up wasting a year of our lives (a frickin’ year FFS) wondering what we are going to get dressed in crying “I’ve got nothing to wear”.  Then you throw something on (same thing you always wear) and you feel like you are another one of those sad looking faces on the train on the way to work.

We need to stop this madness and there is an easier way.  Yup, I invented it.  It’s called The Language of Style and it will revolutionize the way you think and feel about getting dressed, stop wasting precious time and help you to always feel confident, super-stylish and 100% you so that you are revealing, visually, the true you every single day.  With NO effort.

Here’s another thing you should know.  Personal Styling is part of the Personal Branding Package that I offer my Super-Star clients, but it’s not everything about your brand.  Just saying, it’s small (although important) part.