Why are you here?

What has brought you to this place and moment in time?

What are you seeking?

What are you learning?

What are you giving?

Who Are You?

When I was younger I was always asking Who Are You?  What makes you tick, what makes someone have a personality, why do different people under different sun signs have similar traits, but they are not the same person, why are we here, what are we all meant to be doing?

You are probably here because you are Woman in Business who is on a mission to be successful.  And you know that you can “have it all” and live the life that you absolutely, truly deserve.

But, there’s a BUT!

Something is holding you back.  What is it?  Why are you not living your dream?  Has the reality of everyday living bounced up and bit you on the bum?  What is it that’s holding you back?

Here’s a reality check for you.  If we are all on this planet for a unique, different and special purpose then what is yours?

I’m guessing that you have either found it, or you are on the way to understanding what it is.  You just KNOW you were put on this beautiful planet, in this time, to do something AMAZING.

You don’t want an ordinary life, you want an Extraordinary Life.  But how do you live it?  How do you become it?

Here’s another reality check for you:  Stop listening to those who say You Can’t or Won’t.  That’s their business, not yours!

You have to have absolute Faith, Trust and Belief in yourself if you want to build a business and make it work in your own Ultimate Style so that you become Beautifully Rich.

Your role is to CREATE your vision, build your brand, inspire, motivate, teach and share with others your blessing – this is your purpose, your calling, your “why”.

I want you to find your “why”.  I want you to discover Who You truly, absolutely Are.  I want you to get to know and understand Your Essential Self.  I want you to be the amazing person that you are and have an amazing life with everything that you have ever dreamed of.

Do you want that for yourself?  Of course you do.  So.  Let reality sink in for a moment.

What is stopping you from achieving your goals?

What are your limiting beliefs?  What’s holding you back?  Is if fear?

Why are you so afraid?

Are you afraid if you work hard you might still fail?  Are you afraid that if you do become successful you will only lose it all again?  Are you afraid because other people tell you that you should be, that being in business isn’t easy?

There’s nothing in this business world that is worth having if you haven’t had to work for it.

Every successful business woman that I know has had to work their butt off to reach their goals, and then some.

If you want to take your business to the next level, switch on the reality button, figure out what is holding you back.

See and visualise your own denials.  See and visualise your own falsehoods and excuses, stories and beliefs.

Give yourself permission to take out your Style Sword of Success and cut down the ropes that are like a noose around your neck.

Understand that what you are living right now is your doing.  Your choices and decisions got you to where you are today.  It’s your doing.

It’s up to you to decide where you go to next.  It’s up to you to make new, empowered choices every single day.  It’s up to you to find inspiration so that you are motivated to move forward with your cause.

Everyone has a purpose.  Your business is YOU.  Make it look, walk, talk and be the Essence of Who You Are.

Keep it honest and real.

Love Susan xxx