Rich, Riches, Beautifully Rich! Poor little rich girl, You’re a bewitched girl, Better beware! – Noel Coward

So you want to be RICH!  Rich beyond imagination, have Riches that you can only dream of…..but what if you just became Beautifully Rich?

I’ve said it before, you can “have it all” depending on what that means to you personally.  We all have very different values, goals, dreams and aspirations.  Rich means a different thing to many people.  It could mean a Rich flavour in a dark chocolate mousse or a Rich colour in a hair dye or maybe a Rich harvest.

You can become Rich overnight.  Perhaps you buy a lotto ticket and suddenly become a multi-millionaire…, I know we’ve all dreamed of that happening at least once in our lives.  But let me ask you this.  If winning multi-millions in the lottery did happen to you, would you also become Beautifully Rich?

There are many stories of lottery winners who become instant millionaires, only to lose the money again through frivolity, “bad luck” etc.  I’d imagine this is more due to the lack of understanding how to manage the money and turn it into true wealth (which is another subject altogether) coupled with their personal conditioning around money.

Being Beautifully Rich doesn’t just mean having lots of money in the bank and material possessions.  It means to be living a congruent, fulfilled life and doing what you were always meant to be doing, living out your purpose in life.  I came up with Beautifully Rich when I was developing the YES steps outlined in The Language of Style program.

And if monetary riches are what you so desire, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, in fact you can be Rich (as in have lots of money) and be spiritual.  If you can pass on your wealth by either paying it forward, giving back to charity or community, then you are improving the lives of others and making small steps to change the world.  I believe that if we can provide for others through our own successes, we are becoming Beautifully Rich in every good action we take.

What I’d like to know and understand is for you to let me know what Rich means to you and what does being Beautifully Rich mean to you?

Leave your comments and questions below.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Love Susan xxx