How many times have you said to yourself, yes, now is the time (to do the thing you dream of) and you’re super energised, motivated, inspired and ready to take action?

And then

Doubt creeps in

Worry that what you’ve said YES to, isn’t actually going to work for you

Because you need something MORE to make it work

  • Structure
  • Process
  • Systems
  • Websites
  • Logos
  • Branding photography
  • Scheduled content
  • Pretty memes

And you think you need to know MORE about

  • How to deliver your service
  • How to create your message
  • What your message even is
  • Who your target market or niche is
  • How to find them
  • How to write relatable content
  • How to convert conversations to sales
  • Sales, argh that dirty word, fuck, how do you even DO sales?

And so, you invest in yourself and what you believe is the right thing for you, then as soon as you ‘see’ what’s possible and available for you (the work that always, 100% that needs to be done) you say, NO, actually this isn’t right for me, I need more:

  • Structure
  • Systems
  • Process

Because you KNOW you need to start implementing what you have already learned.

Well, let me share a little secret with you.

You can have ALL the structure, systems and processes under the sun but NONE of those matter if you don’t know how to SHOW UP with your message, on repeat and get deeper, darker, dirtier and scarier with it all. And what I mean by scary, is the stuff you really want to write and put out there, TERRIFIES you.

Because it’s THAT STUFF that will attract and repel who you want to serve.

It’s THAT STUFF that helps you to be SEEN as the ‘one to follow’ by those who need you the most.

It’s THAT STUFF that you are terrified to look at and share that will help you to grow your business, following and give you your INTERNAL power back to BE ALL YOU.


And if you start there, by learning how to write, speak, do lives on the platforms where your potential soul-aligned clients are hanging out, then I can ‘almost’ guarantee that you’ll find your strengths in your own language, your own style, your Soul will SPEAK to those who need you and all of a sudden, you start to get paid to be you.


You can invest in the structure, the systems, the process.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know.

None of us do.

None of us know where to begin when we want to create an online business.

And there’s SO MUCH information out there, you can GOOGLE every single answer, find them and implement all for FREE.

Which is exactly what I did. Back in the day when the interwebs were much quieter with very little information on ‘how’ to make all this stuff work.

I learned how to build websites, funnels, hacked my way through creating newsletters, blogs, optins and all the things you THINK you need and guess what.

NONE of that stuff mattered.

It wasn’t UNTIL I started to show up for MYSELF and wrote posts from my heart and soul, that I attracted clients to me.

And I was like, what, eh, what just happened.

It’s called ATTRACTION MARKETING and we’ve all been doing it, subconsciously ALL our lives. In the way that we influence, the way that we walk, talk, dress and engage in conversation.


Not on a platform or process

Not in a system or structure

It’s ALL in the way you show up, share and serve.

That’s it.

Recently, I enrolled in a Mastermind and the amazing leader of awesomeness REMINDS ME DAILY of what I already knew to be true.

BUT, I wasn’t doing what I knew to be true.

I had fallen away, into observing, looking and deciding what I wanted my business to be. I spent almost a year off work, not doing anything (well, I lie, I’ve been studying Metaphysics and Intuitive Intelligence) in my business, not really, but I was still able to make an income most women in business aren’t even scratching the surface of.

Because when I did SHOW UP in my TRUTH, magic always, without fail, happened.

People would book in with me and buy my services.

I’ve just made it sound super-easy, haven’t I.

Well, why shouldn’t it be THAT easy?

Why shouldn’t it be THAT EASY to make money and feel fulfilled by doing what you LOVE every damn day?

Why ISN’T it that easy?

Because you make if fucking HARD by putting things in the way of your god-damn brilliance.

By deciding that structure, systems, process and all the things are more important than SERVICE and SHOWING UP and ASKING for the money you know you deserve.

We are in a new world of work where it’s possible for us, in the western world to create online businesses that make massive impact and change.

And we are in a new era of living that is PHENOMENAL when it comes to the possibility of what we can achieve IF AND ONLY IF we decide to get the fuck out of our own way and MAKE THE THINGS HAPPEN that we want to happen.

I had an idea, years ago that I thought could, can, WILL change the way we work forever, for women to begin with, which will then filter back out to our wonderful men, so that we create NEW systems, support and ways to financially thrive.

And I couldn’t for the life of me work out the HOW.

So, it stayed mulling around in my mind for all those years, 10 at least, too many to remember. The idea went from one thing to another, back again until the threads started to pull together JUST ENOUGH for me to say, fuck it, I’m doing this thing no matter what.


I just pressed the fucking button and said, let’s go.

Then, I went into FEAR.

Moved away from it all and thought, ah this is stupid, how can a little person like me change the world, get a grip you idiot, this is not for you….

…until, I woke the fuck up again and said YES to investing in myself and this Mastermind I’m in.

And each week, I’d be like, nah, this isn’t for me.

I know all of this stuff.

But you see, you don’t really “know” anything unless you implement it.

THEN and only then do you KNOW.


I got my courage back from the group I’m in and I re-opened my community, long before it was READY, with the ‘wrong’ copy, the wrong set up, the wrong just about everything, but I knew, deep down in my heart and soul that this is what I’m meant to be doing.

So, I had to DECIDE that whatever it is right now, IS exactly how it should be.

That it will evolve and grow how I see it AND allow there to be room to grow, change, be flexible on the outcomes and what goes on in the community, but here’s what won’t change:

The levels of community mastermind:

The beginning where we get to network, share ideas and experiences and support those who aren’t in a position to support themselves (think, giving back to the community in a broader sense) and having a referral system in place, so that you can be paid to be a part of the community and support your career / business growth.

The next level where we work ON our businesses with the support of each other, working on the core of what matters, showing up, service and sales and meeting our fears daily by having a discipline and practice to follow, which is in alignment with our Human Design (which is a modality and concept that is pretty profound and cool, which I have also been studying on and off for the past 2 years) as well as taking back into the community network, what we are experiencing, finding and observing so that we give the community the benefits of the Mastermind and empowerment to support themselves to get to the Next Level OR choose to work with any of the other members as they see fit.

Then there is the Visionaries. The level where we are in a position to create our Highest Visions which are all about giving back and supporting our communities at a greater level, think Social Enterprises, Co-op creation, BUT innovating what’s come before us to ensure we aren’t re-creating OLD systems with just a new spin, because what’s the point in doing what’s been done before. Here we are pioneering the change we want to see in the world.

And the doors are open for you to join.

It’s only $20 USD per year (yes, a year) so that there’s opportunity for every woman who is interested in creating a new world, through discipline and daily practice, soul guidance, collaboration and cooperation, non-competition and removing comparison and SHARING what we’ve learned with NO HIERARCHY.

And NO, it’s not perfect yet. No, we don’t know the half of where this is going, but what I know and I am available for, is to make this thing work, NO MATTER WHAT with my heart and soul, supporting you all the way.

So, if you want systems, structure, process and all the things, you’ll actually FIND IT in the One96 Community, over time as it builds and grows.

I’ll put my knowledge and skills in there and I fully expect you do join in with yours too.

Because it’s a NETWORK and a MEMBERSHIP in one, a place to find the people you want to collaborate with, a place to get to know and unravel your TRUTH so that you can come back to the world, social media and all the places you want to be seen with a CLEAR AND CONFIDENT MESSAGE that is true to you.

And watch your own version of Magic start to unfurl.


And left the Mastermind I am in, I would have relinquished the beauty of investing and being a part of something that can help my growth.

Here’s the thing though, NO-ONE has done what I’m doing with my One96 Community online yet, well, there are other versions of the biz model, but not what I’m innovating, which I can’t even begin to explain here, we’ll have to let it all unfold, TRUST AND SURRENDER into it, that my Soul (and our collective consciousness will come up with the new ways for us to work that will see ALL women thrive).

I can’t do this alone and you’re either with me, or you’re not and that’s OK.

But know this: if you want to build a business, that will eventually serve more than yourself, then One96 is the place for you.

It’s not a business model for me to collect all the monies. It’s a model that GIVES BACK and supports us.

We have to let go of the old to grow into the new.

That’s what One96 is all about. Unlearning and Discovering what we can do to make MASSIVE impact and shifts this world needs to see.

Come and join us. Leave your Shadow of Doubt at the door and allow yourself to go on a new journey of discovery of self, love and new leadership.

We’re here waiting to meet you.

In love and in service.

Susan xxx

P.S Click HERE to join… if you want to join Next Level, you can do so here: OR join the community and see how it’s all shaping up and how you can get involved to create YOUR FUTURE OF WORK and change the world at the same time.