Unknown & Unclear

to Confident & Connected

it’s time to Rise the Fire in your Soul and answer your Calling

3 or 6 Month Mentoring with Sass & a whole lot of Soul


You’re ready to take action and are commited to building a thriving and sustainable business, a business that you are proud of and are excited to get out to the world.


Because this is 1:1 we can work out what you need and when, if you’re tired of trying to imitate others and want to do things YOUR way, we can work out what fits your strengths, the way you love to work and what honours you in the long run (because if it isn’t aligned, you’ll definitely not stay the course):

  • Systems & Set-up:
  • I know a good system when I see one and can spot leaky holes in your business from one glance.
  • (I’ve developed world-class recruitment systems, been on teams that created some of the biggest and best SaaS software out there & implemented future based innovation that is only being seen today)
  • Content & Marketing:
  • You’ll get CLEAR on your Niche & Speciality & Map out YOUR way to market – it’s probably quite different than you expect
  • You’ll have a message that vibes like you and attracts your tribe on demand
  • (This is where your Personal Brand shines. With over 8 years as a Personal Brand expert, Career Manager + my recruitment background I KNOW how to use your Personal Brand to stand out).
  • Niche & Calling in Your Ideal Clients: 
  • You’ll know how to pick ONE person to work with, call them into your reality, create an experience, use your personality to engage and ‘sell the outcome’ for your propects to buy
    (My favourite part of all, this is where we really get into working at a Soul level, creating the energy that brings what you want to you – it’s like fucking magic. Well, it is!)
  • Packages, Pricing, Programs:
  • You’ll know the products, programs, service and packages to offer for the most profit (and when to offer them for max results) as well as creating multiple channels (and opening / allowing / receiving) for income to come in
  • (How you shape, design and deliver your packages is entirely up to you – how you want to run things, I’ll simplify it and make it even easier than you imagine to get your work out there & get clients coming to you)
  • Oh and Sales:
  • And as a bonus, because I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t mention this; I’ll help you to make actual sales. (because all this inspired action needs you to make an offer and close the deal).

How it all works:

1 x 3 Hour Business Brainstorming & Set-up Session
11 x 60 Minute Weekly Strategy Sessions
Full Email Support for 12 Weeks
Audio Recordings fo Weekly Sessions
Project Management Set-up & Systemisation Support

Your Investment:

3 Months $2695 USD Paid in Full

Alternative Options
6 Months $4695 USD Paid in Full
12 Months $9695 USD Paid in Full

Right now if you’re thinking, yep this chick may be for me, I invite you to book a Soul Connection Session. This will help us both work out if we are a Soul mate match to get you the momentum in your business you need.

Andrea Dix

“Susan kick-started some movement in me to clarify where I was. And she alleviated my fear of thinking my message was similar to others out there – she made me feel that I was uniquely me, and I would deliver my message unlike anyone else.”

Fiona MacDonald

“Working with Susan is FUN!! and really worthwhile, lessons I will carry for life, she is really friendly and approachable.

Really effective at probing my comfort boundaries and delving just that bit further to make sure she was really able to help me achieve my goals.”

Tanya Bartlett

“I wasn’t sure of the steps I needed to take in my business. With the regular support & calls I received I was able to build a business from scratch & align it to me. Susan makes if fun!”

Julia Taine

“I discovered things about myself that I had buried deep inside, too afraid to let out for fear of rejection or being laughed at. I gained a sense of confidence and self-belief that I didn’t know existed.”

Wendy Grenfell

“Thank you Susan for waving your magic wand across me and across my business.  Your program, your message and what you stand for were the keys for me pulling it all together.”

Jayne Roberts

“I emerged from The Soul Sessions feeling ‘naked’ and grounded, completely accepting of who I TRULY am, and knowing that I have unique and beautiful gift that I can use to help others on this earth…. and that was just the start!”

Div Pillay

“I owe Susan a great deal in sparking the right thinking with me and challenging me to be in sync with my personal brand instead of selling my functional areas of expertise.

What has resulted from the work we have done, is a niche business offering that is an extension of who I am, inside and out.”

Julia Taine

“Who are you and what do you stand for? I mean really stand for? When you think about the answer it may surprise and shock you.”

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