The Queen or King of Reinvention is YOU.  Start your very own Personal Revolution.


Send that out to the world if you are feeling that it’s about time that you started something (you trend-setter, you) and created a real-life version of that dream that’s floated around in your head for a quarter of a century or more.

The business of life that we are in shouldn’t be fraught with disappointment, anger, frustration and overwhelm, instead it should be full of joy, happiness, fulfillment, love and peace.  So why doesn’t it feel like this?

I think I know the answer.  It’s a really simple one, it’s called expectation – it’s what we’ve “been told” what our lives should be like and how we should be living them, rather than taking a stand for ourselves and building the life that we are meant to be living – a life that is FULL of abundance, riches, wealth, health and happiness.

Before you get on your high horse or soap box and shout back at me with “yeah, but this or that” I haven’t written in a while because I had to step back (for about the gazillionth time) in my business to make sure that I was heading in the direction that I WANTED TO – not the way my mentors believe I should be going.  Though, they have great advice, what works for others isn’t always meant for us – know what I’m saying?

Good, then I’ll carry on.  You see, if you aren’t doing what you LOVE to do every single day, then the world is missing out.  Missing out on your talent and genius being sent out there to assist others who need it.  I could harp on about this until the cows come home (and probably will until I decided to kick the bucket at 110 years of age) but I guess the reason I keep coming back to this is because it’s what I’ve been trying to achieve all of my life.

To find the thing that I LOVE to do every single day and to keep doing it & teaching it until I have had enough and want to rest.

Here’s the problem (and I know you have it too, you told me) – I’m really good at a lot of things, like REALLY good.  But that doesn’t mean I should be doing all of those things, does it?  Nah.  Not even a wee bit.  But figuring out which of the things that you enjoy, are good at and can get paid for is pretty tough when you have a creative mind that expands whenever opportunities arise, so you take up on them then find out as you are going along with the flow that something doesn’t quite feel right, or is just out of whack, or you struggle just a tiny wee bit to finish what you’ve started.

Isn’t that telling you something?  Isn’t your inner walkie talkie trying to reach that receiver brain of yours to say “hey, up there in yer hied, listen to me” but we don’t listen, we keep on going and the longer we do this, the more and more unsatisfied we become and the less connected to who we really are (yeah, here comes the woo-woo) who we really are on the inside, the less joy and happiness we feel.

How does that sound to you?  About right?  Figured as much.

How does that feel for you?  A bit crap, right?  Figured as much.

How do you change it?  Stop believing that the expectations that you have been conditioned to are true.  They are a false belief and you can change them any time you like.  OH, and while you are at it, you can also change how you feel about it too.

Sounds pretty simple, right?  I can tell you that it’s not.  But if you want to see changes in your world, if you want make money, make a difference and make peace with being YOU then you need to start a #personalrevolution – this starts on the inside, removing layers and layers of expectations and layers and layers of conditioning and figuring out what is really, absolutely true for you.

I like to start uncovering layers of conditioning in my wardrobe.  It’s the easiest (and most comfortable) place to begin.  Why?  Because it’s easy to find what you no longer serves you – that stuff that is lingering in the back, or hasn’t been worn for 6 months or longer (no matter what size, shape or colour) doesn’t deserve to take up space, that space clutters our minds, thoughts, feelings and true self.

So I want you to start something (you trend-setter, you) to build yourself a wardrobe of clothes that only SERVE you to feel the way you want to feel every single day.  And if they aint doing it for you, look after yourself by finding what does and invest in you.

Dressing is the easiest way to feel good (apart from a haircut, lipstick, amazing coat or shoes) and it’s also the easiest way to be authentic and be YOU.

If you want to have a play at finding what works for you, I have a bit of a crazy concept (which doesn’t actually make total sense right now), but it will – it’s called The Language of Style and when you click the link you can register for a series of short exercises that have been designed to help you find 2 words which describe you that you can use every day to relate to who you are.  The mini intro isn’t a magic pill formula for you to start something new, instead, it’s a valuable insight into you.

Have a play, you are welcome & please allow yourself some fun into your life so that you feel like YOU.

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Love Susan xx

P.S  If you need help with any of this, feel free to ask a question in the comments below and I’ll get back to you ASAP or send me an email via the contact page and I’ll respond privately.