Being a business owner is hard. There’s no getting away from the facts that it can be a lonely road, full of constant ups and downs, hurdles to jump that you never saw coming which just suddenly appear right in front of you, they can trip you up and the worst thing of all, ending up being so misaligned to your truth that everything feels like it’s going wrong.

Before we talk about how to get back into alignment, how do you know when you are in alignment? Easy, things flow naturally, you are inspired and you take action from that place of inspiration, everything just works, clients are attracted to you and you feel like you are on fire… awesome place to be in, right?

But this is where it can go oh so very wrong for lots of us.

Why? Because we believe that when things are going so well, there must be something wrong, so we start to indulge in self-sabotage.

What does that look like?

Indecision (the killer of all great ideas)

Self-confidence takes a dive (the feeling of not being good enough or a fraud, yep that old chestnut)

Hiring the wrong people (whether they are employees or coaches / mentors)

Taking on the wrong clients (because you are in a state of mistrust)

Procrastination (eating binges, Netflix binges, doing “all the things” that aren’t a priority)

Then you get to the end of the day, week or month (and in severe cases, the year) and wonder why you’ve made no sales, have no clear message or direction and are in the struggle town rollercoaster of feast and famine.

How do you move back into alignment and FEEL GOOD about the fact you are getting paid to be authentically you?

  1. Meditate – this is not about you jumping on a new age bandwagon, meditation has been around for years and even if you think that it’s impossible for you, like anything, it takes practice. And there are lots of way to meditate, so explore the variations that are out there and know that there is no right or wrong way to mediate and if you can do this for 10 minutes per day, watch your life change.
  2. Journal – this is a tool and technique that is also centuries old, but most of us don’t journal in a way that’s productive or meaningful. What you want to do when you journal, is set an intention and be specific about what you want to release, know or be grateful for. When you just write without intention it can be fun, but when you do it with intention, you’ll notice themes and patterns that are holding you back that you can then release.
  3. EFT or Visualisation – releasing your fears and moving back to love is the key for anything really! Though often we don’t go deep enough into exploring our shadow side, so we stay on a perpetual merry-go-round that we can’t seem to get off. (think rollercoaster of feast and feminine). We need to meet our fear and recognise them when they appear. So the next time you are in the land of procrastination and you find yourself looking in the fridge, that is FEAR sending you a message that it wants you to recognise it, meet it and that it’s time to let it go.
  4. Trust your Intuition – you innate wisdom knows the answers. You have a 6th sense, everyone does and you’ll know that when you trust it, everything works, when you don’t, thinks go wonky-donkey. Trusting in YOURSELF isn’t easy to do, because we are layered with expectations, information and a bajillion reasons in our logical mind that counteract what we know deep down inside to be true.
  5. Get yourself a coach or a mentor, who can help you get back into this if you can’t do it yourself or you’re new to self-development and business.

Business, by the way, is THE greatest self-development you will ever do, because you HAVE TO look at your fears and move past them to make it work.

And to be authentic and in your truth, you MUST do the work (the work being the inner, deep work on yourself), otherwise you’ll just keep wreaking havoc in your business and you won’t be able to blame anyone else but you.

Let me know your thought or if you have any questions comment below. In my next video, I’ll take you through a mini-process that will bring you back to yourself and into alignment. If you’d like to know when that’s happening, you can join my list (and get some free video training too) and I’ll share with you this tool soon.

Remember, always live what you love and love what you do.

I Love You

Susan x