Thank-you Anna!  Imagine how you would feel if Anna Wintour came and sat next to you at a networking event, such as Business Chicks for an example…..

Do you find it hard to imagine sitting next to a Woman who has carved out a career as the Editor in Chief of the Worlds major Fashion magazine, Vogue?

What is the image that you have conjured up in your minds-eye about Anna?  For me, it’s the trademark page boy bob hair-cut and giant sunglasses.  She nearly always wears a shift dress (and shows off some very toned arms) and she glides along with a Confidence and Sass about her that I find her quite imposing and almost frightening.

This woman has been in her role at Vogue since 1998.  A long time to be at the helm of Fashion’s bible, don’t you think?  It’s also quite an achievement, so I’d say she didn’t just get there from having a trademark style, but also from knowing and understanding her Essential Self perfectly.  Running Vogue America would be no easy task, so having an aloof persona that is intimidating to others is quite possibly the key to her success.

This is her Ultimate Style.  This is how she has become known.  This is how she will be remembered.

My question to you is what do you want to be remembered for and how do you want to be remembered?

In business, your appearance is how you are judged when meeting others for the first time.  The impact that you are sending to others’ subconscious simply from your clothing speaks absolute volumes about how you will be received by others.

So if your clothing is what you are judged on in the first instance and you are in business and want to be respected for your Style and your Substance do you think you have your own trademark Ultimate Style working for you?

Could your Style be holding you back and working against you?

Unfortunately, the truth about Style and Fashion is this:  It doesn’t matter HOW BRILLIANT YOU ARE you will always be judged by your clothing as a First Impression.

It sounds so stupid doesn’t it?  There are so many brilliant people that I know who are not interested in clothing, style and fashion but yet are sending out signals that do not Communicate Who They Are on a daily basis, because their “style” doesn’t match their innate personality, their Essential Self.  (This is not the same as a Clothing Personality that an Image Consultant or Stylist will teach you, that’s easy to learn).

If you are in business and are not interested in clothing, style and fashion I’d like to ask you WHY?

Why are you not interested in dressing and living and doing business in your Ultimate Style?

Is there anything that you believe could possibly change in your life and business if you did take a step towards dressing in your Ultimate Style that sends others a message and Communicates Who You Are on a daily basis?

This communication isn’t just for the people you are doing business with, it’s also for Your Self.

Your style is important and it should match your substance.  The 20% of your outer image and persona and the 80% of your Foundation being the core of what and who you are.

Ask yourself today “Am I dressing in my Ultimate Style and am I achieving the results that I truly desire and will I be remembered how I want to be remembered”?

Have a very Stylish Day!

Love Susan xxx