To commute or not to commute, that is the question!

My commute to work is really painless these days.  I roll out of bed and can be at my desk within the first 5 minutes of rising.  Yesterday, my house-mate told me that I work too much and said “could there be a morning when you don’t switch on your work stuff in the first hour?” – she made me stop and ponder.

If I was to commute to work every day, I wouldn’t be “switched on” yet.  There’s a possibility that I may check emails (though I banned myself from reading emails until 10 am and I don’t respond to anything after 4 pm), but it would be more likely that I would post on Instagram and create some other kind of social media noise.

Let’s just say I worked in the city.  I would take anywhere from 30 – 45 minutes to get ready, then approximately another 30 – 45 minutes to reach my destination via public transport, give or take some time to fit in a coffee (because I’m a loony without one).  That would mean around 90 minutes would have been taken up in getting ready and travel.  That’s 90 minutes that I could have accomplished something… but what am I missing out on?

Firstly, I am missing out on the “getting dressed” for work part.  Yes, I get dressed but there are definitely days its 3 pm before I hit the shower (mainly because I’ve been so focused on working on my biz I forget) and quite often, what I put on are clothes that I wouldn’t necessarily wear to a meeting with a client.  So what does this do to my energy and my focus?  Does it mean that I am not 100% there in my biz?  It’s worth the thought because I was taught in Image Consulting the effect getting dressed actually has on your psyche.  It is valuable to dress well as it brings you to a place of confidence.  And let’s face it, we all need a bit of that every day.

So I did an experiment.  I put on my favourite outfit that I wear to important meetings (when I want to win big business, like Janine Allis from Boost Juice) and sat myself down to work.  Seriously, I don’t know if it was because I was really conscious of what I was doing, but I smashed out more work in 3 hours than I would normally in one day.


Secondly, I am missing out on the “interaction with people” part.  That means, talking to the person at the coffee shop (I like to chat to everyone, it can literally make someone’s day), getting inspired by the faces on the train, often folk look glum but I can make up cool stories about them all and that gives me ideas to do more, be more and want more for myself, which is always a good thing.

I’m going to leave you hanging now.  I have way more on the commute to discuss, but I want to put this over to you.  How do you feel about the commute and what do you think you get out of it, what you miss, like, loathe etc.  I’m in a place of ponderment (like that one? ponderment… lol) and want to hear your view.  Comment below.  I don’t bite!

Love Susan xx

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