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You’ve tried everything to get hired…. or maybe you haven’t. The solution to your money and career woes isn’t in the fact you’re doing ‘all the things’ to be seen (or you’re too scared to be visible), it’s something super simple and I’ll clear it up for you in one call.


And you’ll get hired*. I have a 100% hit rate. #nojoke

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The Fix includes a Personal Brand Audit, One x 90 minute call + one x 60 minute follow up call.

The Vibe includes the fix + a 3 hour strategy session.

I don’t want a solution, inspire me instead….

*DISCLAIMER: if you do nothing, you’ll get nothing. However, when you implement the solutions, along with the mentoring and guidance provided, you will maximise the possibility of getting hired – but this is all up to you, not me. I cannot and will not guarantee your success, I’d be doing your job for you… now, that would crazy, right!

Susan Young

How to Become Visible & Profitable

the 5 Essentials your Personal Brand Business needs before you begin

& no, they are not a logo, business cards, website, sales funnel or online program!

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