If you watched my video last week I asked if you think it’s important, in business to wear make-up.  I’ve had a few personal emails to which I have responded hence the delay in my post this week (and the fact that I haven’t been feeling very well).

I love this topic as it does stir things up a little bit, the great thing about a stir is that it makes you think and gets people asking some great questions.  I have caused a little “controversy” as there are plenty of Women who feel it’s not necessary to wear make-up as their belief is that adding a touch of lipstick or mascara will not change their input to their role or the results they produce.  This is absolutely true.  But, what if just adding a touch of lipstick or mascara left a subconscious perception that you are a person who has attention to detail?

Watch the episode and share with me your stories and comments on this awesome topic!

Until next time, stay super-stylish!

Love Susan xxx