Just how important is it to wear make-up WHEN YOU ARE IN BUSINESS every day?

Oh my.  You should have seen the look of disdain on the face of an ex-colleague when I met them today and I was wearing minimal make-up.  The travesty!  But, I was still wearing some make-up and for taking a trip to the supermarket and bank, it is OK to walk the streets with a lick of mascara and a touch of rouge.  However, in my profession as a Stylist and Make-up artist and Speaker / Coach it is expected of me to be at the top of my game at all times.  Ah-hem.  Choking… I’m human….

Hang on a minute, I know all of the rules (of image) and I like breaking them.  So my little mind started to wander off and contradict itself and then re-convince itself and back and forth etc.  All the while I’m reasoning that we should have enough freedom to choose who we are every day.  But then, my reasoning really came back WITH A GREAT BIG BANG and I snapped out of my “I can please my bloody self mode” to reality which is this:  What do you want to be remembered for (in business)?

I don’t mind being remembered in another persons’ minds eye as the Professional who wore minimal make-up.  And I have a very good reason for that and it’s one of my make-up solutions for many women out there.  BTW the person whom I bumped into today is approximately 20 years younger than I am….. this may give you a slight hint as to why I ask this question and why I would love to hear from you to find out your opinions.

Are your eyes getting sleepy?  It is hump day after all so why not click the video link below to hear my weekly Wednesday words and see my Minimal Made-up Face in the Flesh… Woo!

Your opinions absolutely make a difference to what I do every day and the revolutionise the programs that I develop that are currently being stored behind the scenes at The Language of Style.

Come on, say something – you know you want to!

Love Susan xxx