Over the years, too many to count I’ve spent countless hours online purely focusing on ‘me’ and my brand, looking for attention. Experts (me included) will tell you the importance of building your Personal Brand both online and offline so that you can attract the people you want to work with, who will then ultimately hire you. Or you hire them, either way it doesn’t matter we are all looking to get hired and get paid somehow.

More recently, I changed my direction in my business as a bit of a test, to see what would happen if I quietly and slowly started to ‘disappear’ from being online. I didn’t delete profiles or change much of my behaviour with the exception of posting less about my personal life and my business and instead, writing about the consequences of feelings and in-action. A lot of what I wrote, I never actually posted anywhere, I just have a huge file with posts waiting to be shared.

Then I started to notice that without sharing online or actually going out to meet people, I’ve been lonely. And here we are the innovators of our own loneliness – we’ve created mini-monsters of our own doing and I know that so many people aren’t aware of the actual feeling that they have could be attributed back to this; we’ve invented how to socially exclude ourselves from reality.

Which is why I created One96.co – it’s a place for humans to actually meet each other, online and offline to create more connections, collaborations and community around what we do.

I often get asked what I do, my genius is in finding yours – the reality is that I can’t help you do that alone, we need a team to make things work (whether they are hired help or a collective of folks on similar missions) and it’s within the teams at One96.co you’ll find your magic and how to get it out to the world.

Without ever having to feel lonely.

Love Susan xx

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The Innovation of Loneliness

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