NEVER pick a Niche!

Create the Vibe to Attract Your Tribe



You’re not making money for one reason and one reason only. Niche. Yes, that dirty damn word… thing is you’re doing the whole niching thing wrong.

I know, got wrong myself for a bajillion years. I’ve created a process that clears this little cheeky monkey on your back up for good, so can release the crazy ‘shoulds’ from your business, focus on your genius and you’ll ‘call in’ all the clients you could ever want becasue your Vibe brings your tribe to the yard!

The Vibe is a 3 hour get together. Afterwards, you’ll literally turn your business around*. It’s magic!

Scrap everything that you think you know about niche or specialty. Bring your best self, an open mind and get ready to step into the business that you were meant for.

*you have to do the work, I can’t promise you results that are produced by you.


Here’s what happens:

  • You’ll get CLEAR on your Niche & Speciality & Map out your Magic Formula
  • You’ll know the products, programs, service and packages to offer for the most profit (and when to offer them for max results)
  • You’ll know how to create an experience, use your personality to engage and ‘sell the outcome’ for your propects to buy
  • Finally, you’ll have a message that vibes like you and attracts your tribe on demand

And as a bonus, because I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t mention this; I’ll help you to make actual sales. (because all this inspired action needs you to make an offer and close the deal).

Click the link and fill in The Fix form (make sure you tick the Vibe box)

* Pre-payment & application required to reserve your spot




Andrea Dix

“Susan kick-started some movement in me to clarify where I was. And she alleviated my fear of thinking my message was similar to others out there – she made me feel that I was uniquely me, and I would deliver my message unlike anyone else.”

Fiona MacDonald

“Working with Susan is FUN!! and really worthwhile, lessons I will carry for life, she is really friendly and approachable.

Really effective at probing my comfort boundaries and delving just that bit further to make sure she was really able to help me achieve my goals.”

Tanya Bartlett

“I wasn’t sure of the steps I needed to take in my business. With the regular support & calls I received I was able to build a business from scratch & align it to me. Susan makes if fun!”

Julia Taine

“I discovered things about myself that I had buried deep inside, too afraid to let out for fear of rejection or being laughed at. I gained a sense of confidence and self belief that I didn’t know existed.”

Wendy Grenfell

“Thank you Susan for waving your magic wand across me and across my business.  Your program, your message and what you stand for were the keys for me pulling it all together.”

Jayne Roberts

“I emerged from The Brand Vibe feeling ‘naked’ and grounded, completely accepting of who I TRULY am, and knowing that I have unique and beautiful gift that I can use to help others on this earth…. and that was just the start!”

Div Pillay

“I owe Susan a great deal in sparking the right thinking with me and challenging me to be in sync with my personal brand instead of selling my functional areas of expertise.

What has resulted from the work we have done, is a niche business offering that is an extension of who I am, inside and out.”

Julia Taine

“Who are you and what do you stand for? I mean really stand for? When you think about the answer it may surprise and shock you.”

Susan Young

How to Become Visible & Profitable

the 5 Essentials your Personal Brand Business needs before you begin

& no, they are not a logo, business cards, website, sales funnel or online program!

OOH watch what happens next!


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OOH Good Luck!