When you allow everything that everyone says and does be an excuse for you to NOT take charge of your life.

Let me take this one more step.

I am fucking brilliant at playing the victim and giving into my excuses. Over the past 2 years I’ve had more excuses than there are arseholes on the planet and we all know how that saying goes…BUT…

I also know when I am being a fucking brat and not stepping into my potential, being lazy, being an idiot, being self-centred, procrastinating with NO purpose and playing small.

I know this because, I know who I am when I am in my POWER and coming from a place of full, deep, love, honour and respect for myself.

Which isn’t 100% of the time, all of the time, that’s for sure.

But I am getting there.

One unravelling and revealing thread of my conditioned humanness at a time.

Imagine me, just for a moment fully in my POWER all of the time, fucking glorious and magnifienct every minute of the day.

Truth is, that’s who I REALLY AM.

It’s who YOU ARE too, unless of course, you want to keep playing out your Victim, Child, Prostitute and Sabotuer archetypes in your life, or you can move out of fear and into love through:

Forgiveness (innocent heart)

All of which are available to you RIGHT NOW in this moment.


I was listening to one of my ex-mentors this morning on Facebook and he reminded me of something:

HONOUR and RESPECT for yourself.

You either let your excuses keep you where you are at, or you start standing tall in your own honour and move past your BS.

His name is Gulliver Giles by the way if you want to go look him up. He’ll teach you more than I can about honouring yourself.

And whilst I was listening I was reminded of WHY I started my business in the first place.

And it sure as shit wasn’t to sit behind a laptop and play small.

Then one of my faves came online live #thekatrinaruthshow (that would be Katrina Ruth who talked about nothing and everything at the same time and it reminded me of this:


In our heads, we spend ALL DAY EVERYDAY talking to ourselves in our head.

Most of that conversation is the SAME conversation that you had yesterday, the day before, the day before that, the day before that and so on.

And alot of that conversation is you, needlessly worrying about all the shizzle mcfizzle that isn’t working for you, or what you think you should be doing and instead of re-writing that story or conversation you stay stuck there.

And I say enough already.

Enough of playing this victim and letting what you see hear, and listen to all day everyday be the excuse you keep making to NOT do your Soul’s Great Work.

Are you going to throw at me, “but you said X” and then say it’s my fault that you haven’t progressed?

Are you going to continue to be un-coachable and know it all, yet know nothing because you don’t listen, don’t do the work, don’t take a real stand for yourself?


But, I’m also talking to myself.

One mind.
One consciousness.

I am that I am.

And whilst I sit here and rant on about what I see happening to you, remember, that this is also happening to all of us, if we choose it to.

I don’t.

Dont’ be the victim of your own excuses, sabotage and BS.

Be your own light, power, truth, wisdom and guidance.

Give yourself LOVE AND LEADERSHIP that comes from the source of your BEing, not from anywhere else.

And stop beating yourself up at every moment for all the stuff that ‘happened’ to you in the past.

You are not in the past.

You are in RIGHT NOW.


Give yourself over to this moment and notice that you can be, do, have anything you want (and right at your fingertips too) if you allow yourself to RECEIVE all the things you desire.

You can’t have anything if you’re not willing to let it in.

In fact another amazing person on the land of the internet talked about this yesterday, I love listening to Bishop Nick Tillia because he shares what’s in my heart and soul and also give out such value, that it’s hard to ignore him.

So be like these great people I’ve mentioned here today.

Recognise your mentors for the work they have done to SHOW YOU who you are and what you are NOT doing to have what they have (which you think you want).

One other mentor I’m going to mention is Ricci-Jane Adams who has been instrumental in me recognising my inner power once again, the divine and Goddess within me. God power. The GOD who resides in us all and has shown me how to make fear my freind.

Even though I have an internal battle going on with this daily.

It means SHOW UP AND SERVE daily.

It means meet FEAR and turn it into LOVE daily.

It means BE the person you know you were meant to become RIGHT NOW, not in a year or 2 years when you’ve put in place all the things you should put in place, but CHOOSE IT NOW.

Over and out.

I love you.

Susan xx

P.S LOVE AND LEADERSHIP begins on the 3rd September. 8 weeks you and me, deep dive into your Self-Respect, Honour and Love so that you can Lead yourself first, and step into your role as a leader in this world.

It’s a Mastermind combined with 1:1 and it is NOT for the faint-hearted.

You will be pushed beyond your limits and stretched beyond your fears into a deep love for yourself where you will know NO BOUNDS which tie you to your current state of small.

This is for you if you are ready to PLAY BIG and take your Vision and Visibility to new heights and be unafraid of what the world thinks of you, because you will step into your POWER and take a Stand for what you believe in.

Message me privately here: for more deets or comment below if you’d love to join the conversation and get connected.

Stay cool.
#livewhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo

I love you

Susan xx