When you stop thinking the way in which you learned, you will change your life.  – Susan Young

Everyone looks the same.  Everyone thinks the same.  Everyone wants to “be like” or aspires to be someone.  We all copy or “steal like an artist” and borrow things and make them our own, in our own style.  I’m guilty of it myself.  Posting nice little things I think about (in words) on Instagram and buying pieces of clothing that half a dozen others may also buy.

When I take time out [alone], I spend most of that time people watching or writing down ideas.  I watch things on repeat and I often wonder if I’m looking for something that is missing and I imagine when I see that ‘invisible’ thing, I’ll be able to change the world.

As I watch the world go by, both online and offline the same idea comes to me.  Each and every time I see something on repeat, I wonder “if this is what is trending now, who or what will come up with the next thing that everyone wants to jump on board”…. and then, this same idea comes to me.  The same idea I’ve been thinking about for around 10 years (and yes, an idea is no use to anyone unless you action it) and I wonder, what would actually happen to the world if I did this?  If I created a new reality for myself by doing something that no-one has done [yet]?  The answer is I won’t know unless I start.

Some of the best inventions come about because of something that is “missing” or “needed”, a bit like my invisible world changing solution that no-one else can see.  To bring an idea to life, you have to get creative, put plans in place, ask for help and start to action things (even if you don’t know the ‘how’, you just need to start) – often people keep ideas to themselves as they fear the idea will be stolen or re-created in some way by someone or something bigger than them.  It does happen.  And I get it, I don’t want my idea to be taken and done by someone else either…..

And then we get told that we must “think outside of the box”.  What box?  Why does there have to be a box?  Isn’t the fact that you are thinking creatively determine that there is no box, that you are already colouring outside of the lines?  What if your thoughts simply changed like that, in one instant to say “there are no lines, there is no box” what do you think would happen?  Would letting go of what you believe and perceive to be true, actually change you?

I believe it would.  We can cancel our thoughts at anytime.  Yes.  We have the ability to clear our minds and clear our thoughts (the practice of meditation can take you to a mind empty of thought) and with this amazing ability also comes the ability to think in a new way, so that we can tap into the special genius we were born with – this is the gift you have to share with the world.  It’s your own unique greatness.

Each week I have at least 20 conversations with people and I discuss with them how to re-think the way in which they talk about themselves.  That’s 20 conversations on how to re-evaluate a story, life skills and experience and turn this knowledge into a viable business (or career, however you want to look at it) and it’s all as simple as changing the way in which you think to become your true, authentic self.  And step up and step out to be extraordinary instead of being just like “everyone else”.

It takes courage and bravery to be yourself.  I takes a lot of time and action to step into the power of you, take ownership of who you really are.

It takes a decision, followed by an empowered choice that will change the way in which you think.

A Personal Revolution to be who you were always meant to be, starts on the inside.

I dare you to just be yourself.

Love Susan xxx

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