You may or may not know this, but I’ve been studying Metaphysics and Intuitive Intelligence (for some time now) and often, I recognise the parts of me that want to SHOUT at everyone who doesn’t realise that they are a spiritual being having a human experience.

But, not everyone gets it.

So I don’t talk about it as much as I’d like to, I really didn’t talk about anything that interested me in a ‘spiritual’ kind of way since living in Australia.

I hid that part of myself for around 15 years. Actually longer.

Before that, I had moved to Mallorca with the intention of setting up a healing centre, I was a healing and meditation teacher (bet you didn’t know that) and I got there, got distracted (men, ya know) and ignored this powerful part of me.

Apart from one thing.

My Intuition.

I’ve ALWAYS had strong intuition, we all have the same ability to connect in and make it stronger, though most of us choose to go with choices made from our minds, or via the influence of others, not “trusting our gut” or sixth senses.

And you KNOW how to trust yours, because you’ve made decisions from that place of certainty, whether you know it, feel it, see it or hear it, you just know.

That’s your amazing inutitive intelligence at work.

So, when I make decisions these days, I ONLY ever follow my intuition.

Not easy, but when I do, everything works in flow, ease and grace.

Sure there are challenges along the way, but those challenges are within the mind.

Stories and beliefs that we have to overcome and re-write.

By the end of the year I will be ordained as a Metaphysical Minister (yes, Reverend Susan Young) if I choose to label myself as that, But, I don’t like labels. Just like I will have Doctorate soon too… but this is not the point of my story here.

The point is that if you see my posts and wonder why I’m talking about Spiritual Leadership or my One96 Community, which is my “ministry” for want of a better term, because it’s truly a Unity based Community, where we Commune and Connect with Higher Consciousness and align to our Soul Paths via our Intuition, a place where you can let go and grow into your potential, in sacred circles where we activate our own inner magic, then take this as my “out”, me letting you know that I am fully OWNING who I am.

A Spiritual Leader who has the capacity to SEE you, HEAR you and let you BE you, your way, with some fierce guidance, support and non-hierarchy. Because I don’t have the answers, YOU do, I just lead you back to yourself.

So, we meditate.

We contemplate
We pray
We commune with Higher Consciousness.
We meet our Identities in the Quantum Field.
We see ourselves in the past, the present and the future in the Akashic library (the place where all consciousness resides) and We LISTEN to our innate guidance.

Trust and Surrender into WHO we are; God/Source/Consciousness.

And, if you don’t like the word God (I didn’t either, it brought up all kinds of shizzle mcfizzle for me to start with), but God is just a word for who we are, not some great man in the sky with rules and plans, who’s taking score.

No, we are the image of God Consciousness having a human experience and we ALL have this innate power and ancient wisdom inside of us, and when we connect in, we can truly live beautiful lives that are not living from FEAR, instead, living from a place of LOVE.

That’s it.

I’m out and owning my own POWER, in humilty and grace.

I am here to lead you to your HIGHEST Visions and Soul Path, this is my GREAT WORK and it always has been.

I just hadn’t really let you know.

So, now you do.

And, if you’re wondering if I’m still the Rock-Chick Goddess I’ve always been, who loves to have fun and adventure, that shiz doesn’t change, I am still ME, just MORE of me.

And if you don’t like the idea of me talking about God, Consciousness and all things Spirituality, you can invite yourself to leave our friendship, or, stick around, because you may learn something new about you, that will empower you to become MORE of you too.

Every Sunday at 11am (my time, wherever I am in the world, which is currently Spain), I will be running a Commune & Connect to tune into the Collective Consciousness and intuitively be guided to what is needed to be shared.

If you’re up for that, the next 3 weeks I’ll run them live via Instagram my Facebook Page and on YouTube. You will be able to see what actually happens when we ‘listen’ to Higher Consciousness.

Then, inside the One96 Community we will take the discussion deeper on the topic that came up and ensure all questions are answered and your curiousity served.

It is a paid community, $20 USD per year, for that you receive an introductory course in Daily Practice, plus networking, community, access to online events (and in person workshops) at a discount, plus the opportunity to discuss who you are, what your Soul Path is and build the courage, confidence and Spiritual Stamina, mindset and new beliefs to go out in the world with YOUR great work.

I am not here to teach you, but to help you to guide yourself into your own awakening and path.

There are some incredible women in the community, who know more than I do (and we have one man), it’s not exclusive to women because the platform has space for us to create our own circles (and groups) where we can sit in safety and support, before we become more visible in our truth.

Anyhoo, that’s it from me for now because I am off to get into my zone, before I run the Commune & Connect.

See you all later skaters.

Happy Sunday!

Love Susan xxx

Photo credit @unsplash