What are you ashamed of?  Why are you so afraid of being yourself?

Have you ever felt like you just don’t belong.  That you are a bit “out of sorts” or on the outside looking in and at times, you feel that you are ashamed of something, that you don’t want to be noticed and seen?

Society has made it easy for us to think badly about ourselves and we are constantly sent negative messages via the media, almost like we are all being brainwashed to think in a certain way, plus we have our conditioned belief system (which is basically thoughts we have had, that get momentum on repeat until we believe them to be true) that can stop us in our tracks from thinking good, positive thoughts about ourselves.

Over the last few months I’ve worked with some really, truly inspiring entrepreneurs who are super successful in their industries, and yet, still have doubts around how they should look, how they feel about how they should look and that they are not “important enough”.

It dawned on me that we all do this, no matter how successful, famous or brilliant we are, we all have a place inside us where we are afraid to be ourselves and don’t allow ourselves to shine.  And my question for you today, is why?

Why would you want to hang your head and not lift yourself up for the world to see you as the beautiful being that you are?  I believe that it’s unconscious shame that we hold about who we think we are.  Who we really are, when you think about it, is energy in a human body existing in this time and space in reality.  And we are all quite perfect in our different bodies and we are all here to do amazing things, but we seem to want to hold back and hide ourselves rather than put ourselves out there.

We are in one of the most amazing times on this planet.  We have advanced so far with technology and social media that we can make a bigger impact and difference in this world.  There is opportunity for everyone to develop their Personal Brand as a business and create their own wealth and income through freelancing, becoming an independent contractor or online micro-business owner whilst still being employed (if you choose) – the world of work is changing and will never be the same.

Now is your time to shine your light and let the world see your brilliance and teach what you know so that others can learn and be guided by you.  And what you teach may seem simple to you, but exactly what someone else needs.  I’ll give you an example.  I love to drink coffee and buy my beans already ground from my favourite roaster.  However, the coffee wasn’t tasting as it should, so I asked Dr Google a few questions, tried to find the solution on my own and nothing was working.  I was becoming frustrated [probably because I hadn’t had a decent coffee] and I wanted a solution because I like to fix things.  Eventually, I called the roaster and asked…. I was given some instructions on what to do (and the reasons why the coffee had a different taste) and voila, the coffee was once again back to my liking.  Simple instructions from someone who knows better than I do.  I would have paid to learn this because I’m so passionate about my coffee!

Asking an expert is what we do on a daily basis to get what we need – and you are an expert in something, you need not be scared to show it.

Everyone deserves to have the life that they dream of.  And the only way to get it is to go out and ask for it, action the things that you need to do and make a stand for yourself (because no-one else will save you) to decide on what you want, truly believe that you can have it and you’ll find opportunities, people and ideas will flow to you – and when they do you must have the confidence and self-belief that you deserve them so that the flow continues and you keep taking leaps forward and develop your ability to be yourself.

Personal Brand, to me, is a lot more than how you look.  It’s how you feel.  It’s how you deliver what you know.  It’s what people come to expect from you, how you act and interact, it’s your story, skills, experience and your values.  It’s your opinion and life’s work and what you can bring to challenge the status quo.  Personal Brand is who you really are, on the inside, your essence and your brilliance on show.

I believe that we all have our own Language of Style which we communicate every single day.  The first place for you to start becoming “fluent in you” is by what you wear.  Before you get dressed every morning, I want you to think of two words that will describe how you want to feel at the end of the day.  These two words will become your mantra for the day and will help you to decide on your outfit, styling (grooming & accessories) and to have a confidence to get what you want all day.

Trust me, my concept works.  I wrote a book about it and teach this to my clients.  So, I’ve decided to stop hanging my head low and publish the book (it’s being edited as we speak), I’ll let you know about the actual launch dates soon.  The book is called The Language of Style:  The Art of Self-Belief to Communicate Who You Are.  It’s also an online program, there’s a mini-mantra version that will be released after the big launch so there’s a lot coming your way.

If you have something brilliant that you want to share with the world, then now is your time.  Believe that you can and you will.

And of course, comments and questions are welcome below…. I don’t bite so ask away!

Be shiny and bright today.

Love S xx