If you are in business, a coach, a mentor or someone who connects with people for a living on a daily basis (e.g. you are selling YOU as part of the product or service) you need to know yourself well and certainly should have a set of values that you live by.  In fact, it doesn’t matter who you are, we all need a set of values.

Because our lives are filled with constant distractions, we are inundated with information, I have found that lots of my clients have “forgotten” their values or haven’t really sorted the wheat from the chaff in terms of what’s really important for them.

I’ve learned early on that when you get your values written down and place them somewhere you can see them every day, your values start to stick.

Doing this is a great way to find clarity and a strong sense of what is important to you in life.  So why do it?

When you start to gain clarity not only about Who You Are but also What Is Important, the things in life that you are striving for start to come closer and you can see where you need to prioritise to make things happen for you.  Remember, your Values are not the same as your Goals.

I’ll give you an example.  One of my values is Integrity.  Which basically means being consistent, honest and the truthfulness of actions.

Now, those of you who know me well will understand my creative mind and how easily I become distracted.  So I use the word INTEGRITY as my way of keeping myself focused, grounded and consistent in my approach.  Sure, there are times when I go “off the rails” with this one and that’s OK, we have to forgive ourselves and move on!

During the times when I haven’t been living my value of Integrity, I’ve found myself doing things that are not at all important and have taken up so much of my valuable time (which you NEVER get back) and set me back on my path to success.  So for me, it’s really important that my values list is somewhere I can see it daily.

Values are very telling of who you are as a person.  Your inner walkie-talkie is probably trying to transmit your values to your external radio receiver right now, correct?!

So here’s a little task for you to take action today.  Write down your values NOW.  Go on, get your paper and pen or your tablet, iPad or laptop and get them out!

Then prioritise them.  You can take your time doing this (some people on my program have come back after a week and are still working on them) to get it right.  Remember if you are getting to know “YES” you will instinctively know the right values when you see them written down.

Want some help in getting started?  I started out with a list of 10 Values for me in my business as follows:

1)  Abundance

2)  Integrity

3)  Influence

4)  Leadership

5)  Encouragement

6)  Gratitude

7)  Wisdom

8)  Innovation

9)  Simplicity

10)  Courage

You may have noticed that I have not added words such as:  Love, Harmony, Peace, Joy, Intimacy, Success, Freedom, Spirituality.  These are all Values to me too.

But let’s try and keep things simple and work with an 80/20 rule and narrow the values down.

The first 80% being your Foundation and the other 20% being your Creativity so that you have BALANCE and a powerful equation for creating ease and getting results in life.

Abundance.  This word means to me all things in abundance, which include love, wealth, happiness, joy, fulfillment, success.  So this one is definitely staying at the top of my list.

Integrity.  This word means to me being honest, congruent, committed, consistent, taking action.  So again, this one is a priority for me and it stays at number two.

Do you see where I am heading with the Values list?  You can actually have a list as long as your arm if you like, but work on an 80/20 rule, satisfy your Foundation (the stuff that symbolises Your Essential Self, your foundation is what you are) and satisfy your Creativity (the stuff that expresses Your Essential Self, this is how you do what you do e.g. I value abundance and show it through my happiness).

Doing this will begin the process of you reconnecting with Your Essential Self.  And we all want to get our YES!

So go on, get cracking…..

Love Susan xxx

P.S  Use the documents below to help you!

Values Elicitation