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Get over your fear of being Visible, Align your Energy, Attract More Clients & Connect to your true Soul Path & Vision


Get Confident & Get Visible

Are you ready to attract more ideal clients with ease and increase your income? It IS possible to do this YOUR way, and to reach your business goals in a way that’s achievable and feels amazing.


A clear Vision, aligned to your energy with achievable goals, creates amazing momentum.


Consistent Visibility attracts clients. Unblock crippling fears and create the impact you crave.

You’re Driven & Passionate

You’re a Coach, Mentor, Natural Therapist or service based Heart-Centred Solo Biz Woman…

You love what you do and want to show up and serve, knowing that your Vision is BIG, but you just wish it could be easier. It may be that you’re really good at some parts of your business, you KNOW how good you are at delivery, but you still get stuck or have fear around:

> Visibility & Consistency
> Who you are truly here to Serve
> You may have blocks around money & receiving income
> Where your next client is coming from
> Or even if the work you are currently doing, is right for you

When FEAR shows up, it can be paralysing, even if you’ve been in business for a while. And sometimes you don’t even know what’s holding you back, but you know you’re ready to shift it.









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The World’s Best Kept Secret

Check in with yourself for a moment…

Are you showing up and as visible as you think you are? And as a practicioner, have you noticed your service is your greatest medicine? I created Vision & Visiblity for that reason, to acknowledge my FEAR around being truly visible and to get alinged, and crystal clear with my vision and true Soul Path. Step into your Potential and Reveal your True Soul Path

Pushing and living in fear doesn’t make business or living fun. In fact, it sends you into adrenal fatigue and wanting to burn your business to the ground. I found a better way to connect and align with my desires, connect to my Soul daily and give myself permission to create a business based on Freedom. I want this for you too. Through practicing connection and energy alignment, doing the “inner work” which releases doubts, fears, procrastination and self-sabotage.

Create Connection with your Soul & your Ideal Clients I’ve been in business online since 2009 and I’ve tested various ways of making my business work. And helped 100’s of women to get clear and congruent with their message, their niche and their income goals. Even when I haven’t been consistent myself, clients are still attracted to working with me; how?

Alignment to my Vision, my clients and Daily Practice!


What happens & when…

Week One

ALIGN TO YOUR VISION & SET INTENTIONS You may say you want to have a successful business, but your subconscious thoughts and beliefs may think otherwise! This week, we’ll get clear on what you REALLY want and set intentions to align with your thoughts, feelings and language.


Week Four

CONNECT THROUGH CONTENT When words are from your Soul Wisdom and highest vibrational state, you’ll attract and engage your audience with ease. You’ll create simple and effective ways to share your vision, story and service and SHOW up as YOU, busting all limiting self-sabotaging beliefs.

Week Two

ATTRACT YOUR IDEAL CLIENT When you are completely aligned to your Soul Mate clients, they can’t help but want to pay you! You’ll be clear on WHO she (or he) is and we get VISIBLE & use our energy to attract and also, release blocks from allowing them to find you.

Week Five

INTEGRATION & EMBODYMENT Unlocking fears, breaking through your own patterns and busting your belief systems. Ensuring that your daily practice of discipline is becoming your blissipline, so you stay the course in your business. We’ll review how you feel so far & check-in that you’re on path.

Week Three

ADJUST YOUR INCOME GOALS Making money gets to be easy, so we’ll break down the barriers keep your income low and find ways to rev-up your revenue goals.Releasing sales fear, turning sales into your SERVICE, easily aligning to your income desires to ASK for what you want!

Week Six

AMPLIFY YOUR IMPACT As your confidence rises, you’ll want to increase your Visibility and impact – this week is all about being Omnipresent and setting the standards for your new identity, staying centred, focused and congruent with your message, marketing and service.

Each module comes with full tutorials, workbooks and guides to make sure you are fully supported. There’s nothing tech to learn here, it’s all provided with examples so that you know exactly what to do and when, your way. You’ll also be provided with daily practice techniques to get you into Energetic Alignment + 4 x Quantum Leap Guided Meditations + Daily Affirmations you can adapt to your Language & Desires



You’ll have access to the Mastermind & Membership community, a portal like no other where you can connect with your peers, collaborate on your work and make new connections & friends BEFORE the program begins. You’ll also have immediate access to the 7 Days of Daily Practice which will give you a ‘head start’ and grounding into the blissipline required to use your vibration to create and call-in clients, increase your confidence and creativity (and tap into your intution).


Yes, this program runs live which means you get me all the way through the 6 weeks, on each call! Our online community also serves as a portal to ask further questions and to get all the help you need, no-one will be left behind.


Yes, and if you’re thinking that you have a brick and mortar business that this may not work for you, it willl. All modules are delivered online via a weekly Group Call, which are recorded and stored in the online membership platform.


No problem! Susan is a meditation teacher and will show you various practices and take you through guided meditations so that you can get aligned and connected. It’s honestly not as hard as you may think!


Each group call will last approximately One hour with an extra 15 minutes for Q&A at the end. Daily practice is what will change your energy and vibe, so that when you are VISIBLE, you attract your ideal clients. I suggest starting from 5 minutes and working your way up to 20 minutes. You’ll find the more you practice, the more you’ll want to do it – this DISCIPLINE is the key to making this program work for you and you’ll see the benefits from day one. To complete any workbooks, extra tutorials and / or read resources will take anywhere from 15 minutes upwards, depending on how much love and time you want to put into them.


You’ll be paired up each week with a buddy to help you stay aligned and you can submit questions to me to answer in each of the group calls. You can also use the online community for extra support when you need it.


I believe that this program is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Once you commit to the first week, you’ll notice a shift in your beliefs, your energy and how you show up in business. I do ask you give this a go all the way through, if after 30 days you find this isn’t right for you, you’ll receive a refund less a $25 AUD adminstration fee.


Hello! I’m Susan Young, an Intuitve Busines Mentor, Metaphysician and FREEDOM junkie. I love helping women like you to find YOUR THING and do business YOUR WAY, in alignment with your higest vibe and vision.

One thing that always held me back in business was that I was consistently inconsistent. Always changing my mind, coming up with new ideas and concepts, but never really feeling 100% sure that what I was doing was right for me… so I’d find myself comparing, competing and showing up when I felt like it.

And even during one of my live V&V programs, I couldn’t get myself back on track and I thought, hmmmmmm…. hang on a minute here, something is OFF.

So, I looked at everything we were doing and I had a massive A-HA moment. That the way we attempt to Align our Energy to our Vision is wrong! We have it all backwards, so when I made the adjustment I turned it all back around, into an beautiful In-Stream Flow of ease and grace and I want to show how you can do this too!

No more pushing, striving or should-ing! No more crippling Fear or doubting. Let this be your time to Show up & Shine!

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