Last week I had you creating a list of all the things that you LOVE to do (not your partner, not your friends, you, just you).  And because it is “the list making time of year” (have you been naughty or nice by the way) I figured I would task you with another one… yay!

OK, it’s a follow up list to last weeks.  And really, it’s about what you HATE doing.  And I mean really hate, hate and kinda don’t like / find a bit boring.

This is important as it’s leading us to the place where you can find your all important What, your innate talent and gifts.  It’s a cool thing to do, because when you reconnect with what you love to do and what you hate to do, you will begin to see the haze and fog around your head and heart begin to lift.

Trust the process my lovelies, trust the process.

Keeping it short, sweet and simple so that you can get on with that huge list you have for the man in the big red suit, coz we all know you want him to come your way and bring your wishes!

Love Susan xxx