Have you ever bought an outfit and when you wore it, felt TOTALLY uncomfortable, almost like you have been transported into another person’s body and life?

That’s what happens when you don’t wear what you love and what you “think you love” wears you instead.

Yep.  I’ll give you an example.  My Style Personality goes between Rebel and Creative (they are both quite dominant) to allowing a little Feminine to pop in now and then.

The Feminine for me is pencil skirts or structured dresses.  If I happen to wear a floral frock or a flowing maxi-skirt, all of a sudden I feel super-strange and totally out of my style-savvy whack!

And it’s because I’m allowing myself to be influenced by something I like to look at but is essentially, really not me on the inside.  In other words, me personality isn’t floral and flowy, it’s structured and straight talking.  Just like the lines in my clothes.

Find what you LOVE

To get your Style really working for you do the following exercise:

  • Create a Style Portfolio of all the things you LOVE (not like or kinda like, you have to LOVE)
  • Write down your Top #3 things in your current collection & WHY
  • Write down 3 words that describe you

Find what you DESIRE

  • If money were no object what would you like to OWN
  • If money were no object where would you TRAVEL to
  • If money were no object what would you do for a LIVING


These nifty little exercises will provide you with clues to Who You Are inside and outside, online and offline in Style.

I absolutely ADORE the boots I’m wearing in this picture.  I’ve had them since 2004, they are from Prada (I bought them on sale) and I’ve worn them consistently year in, year out.

They are a classic ankle boot with a rebellious touch (the platform and heel height) and I have only had to have them re-heeled once!  That is quality…but, I do look after the things I LOVE.

And in the spirit of #BNNM – that is Buy Nothing New Month I’ve pulled them out of the wardrobe to wear again (yes, it’s Spring in Melbourne but it is raining and cold) and I just LOVE them!

What do you LOVE and why?

Tell me in the comments below.  If you are curious to know more about your own Personal Style and what your Style Personality may be, book in for a Free 30 minute Style Strategy Session by sending me your deets in the box below.

In the meantime,

have a Beautiful Day


Love Susan xx