“Everything has Beauty but not everyone sees it” – Confucius

“Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone” – Dorothy Parker

And they say that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  What do you see and What do others see?  Almost always, there will be a slight difference of opinion unless of course you are with a group of “crowd pleasers” who will say anything to be a part of a group.

When was the last time you walked along the street and noticed someone truly beautiful, in your opinion?

I find this a rarity.  Next time you are with a group of friends, set yourselves a challenge when you are out in the city to people watch and see how long it takes each of you to notice someone who is truly beautiful in your eyes.

Why do I find it rare?  Over the years (and maybe it’s the company I keep) I’ve noticed that groups of women, particularly those who are in competition in business,  become judgmental of other women and have a group mentality and look for the worst in people.  Although, have you noticed (and it may be you) that there is always one in the group that can see something positive in everyone?  I believe that whenever we are judging others, unconsciously, we are just trying to make ourselves feel better about Who We Are or criticising something within ourselves.

I’m being hypothetical here and not speaking for all women.  And I have definitely found myself in the company of wonderful women who only speak highly of others (and it’s quite refreshing).

I digress.  Why am I discussing what do you see and what do others see?  If there is more to a person that what is shown on the outside, how do we then find that Essence of who they really are so that we can make a connection in business?

In my last post I talked about your clothing making a lasting impression and an impact everyday.

This is very important.  And I can’t drum it home enough.  If you truly want to succeed and get to the next level in your business or job role you must get others to see what you want them to see.

For example, dress for the job you want not the job you are in.  It works.  Trust me.

Lots of people think I’m talking about Corporate dressing when I discuss this subject, I’m not.  I’m talking to YOU about YOUR business and YOUR industry.

It actually doesn’t matter what industry you are in, but if you are a Leader in your field and you want to be the “go to” expert you need to take things up a notch.

If you are inherently a laid back, boho chic type of Woman but you wear a suit to work everyday, you are dressing for your environment and “playing a role”.  This is quite OK.  What happens is your “outside” mentality matches with the role you are playing to be successful.  You can play out this role until you get to the top of your game, but what happens when you reach your business goals?  Can you then wear what you like to work and be that awesome Boho Chic?

My picture above states that the mirror can lie, it doesn’t show you what’s inside.  A great statement, but it can be altered.  Altered so that when you are dressing, going to work and doing what you love in your business and aligning Your Essential Self – matching your insides with your outsides you can show others some of what is on the inside simply through your visual billboard, your clothing.

I say some as we can’t show others what is truly on the inside from a “senses and feelings” perspective, but we can certainly show Confidence, Style, Grace, Influence, Trust, Sophistication, Wisdom and Leadership by dressing for Who We Are and What We Want to be Remembered For.

Ladies, try this.  If you are in Business and you regularly wear pants to work and you have an important meeting, wear a skirt and see if you can notice a change in how you are received.  When you exert your femininity, especially if you do business with Men, you will notice a change in response.  Or, if you are the opposite and you wear a dress or skirt to work everyday, wear pants instead.  Notice what happens.  See if you are noticed and heard differently.  It works both ways, in a Male or Female environment.

It is an interesting experiment, I’ve played with it many times and on each and every occasion I’ve noticed a change in response.

Let me know what happens and put your comments below.

Have a very stylish day.

Love Susan xxx