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So I’ve been thinking (a little too much) about the questions I’m often asked via email and I wanted to uncover a little more about what you really think Personal Branding is.  I LOVE answering questions about this stuff, especially anything that aligns with Online Presence and developing your Personal Brand as a Business (you are a business even if you don’t know it) and also, developing that business into something that can create an extra income or a full-time biz for you down the track.

A little favour pretty pleaseio… can you take a moment to fill out this form?  It will be super-helpful for me to write more amazing content (that will answer all of your questions) and allow me to share with you the best of my knowledge that is stored away in my head around Personal Brand | Image & Style | Careers, Recruitment, CV’s & Online Profiles | Being an Intrapreneur v’s an Entrepreneur | Creating Online Businesses….thanks so much for your time… I really, really want to share my knowledge with you.

Love Susan xxx

P.S  I get asked A LOT about “how to build a business whilst in full-time work” so if this is important for you, let me know in one of the question boxes.

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