Are you stuck on naming your product, service or business?

Let’s clear this up for you right now!

The name doesn’t matter.

Putting yourself out there and talking about it does!

However, I know that doesn’t solve the actual problem of not having a name for your ‘thing’.

There’s a couple of other things you need to clear up on this before you go down the path of naming.

  1. Who is this for?
    I’m not talking about niche (yet), but instead who would be the ‘best’ demographic to get a result from your product / service. Don’t say everyone because, even though you mean well, you don’t have a marketing budget of a few billion dollars to reach them.What’s the outcome / result that you produce?

    Eek. This is a tough one. Espcecially if you’re unclear on which part of your awesomeness / ideas / skills / abilities you want to sell.For example, does your service or product suit Mums, Women in Business, Yoga Teachers, Practicioners or Millenials. Write down a list of WHO this could serve and work out from there, who YOU want to work with from this group. For now, you may change your mind, but go with your intuition. E.g. I don’t work with millenials because I have no clue how they operate or how their minds work, so I’d be coming up with things that may be super irrelevant for them, make sense?

    Then you can figure out the outcome/result. Think about it another way, if you were applying for a job, your potential employer would want to know the results you produced in your last role. It’s no different in business when it comes to selling, people are ready and willing to spend their money, but only on items they “think” they want (and that’s where the magic happens).

    So, let’s say you teach Yoga Instructors how to run their own Workshops and Retreats and move away from Timetable / Classes in someone else’s studio, the ‘result’ is they are running their own workshops / retreats and what they want is to move away from the timetable / classes. Think about it another way, what are they moving away from (classes) and moving towards (retreats).Easy, right?

  2. Pick something to sell
    You don’t have to sell this product or service forever – you can and are allowed to pivot (that means change direction) once you’ve played and experimented with what you already have.Let’s stick with the Yoga Instructors for this example. So, now you know who you want to reach and what they think they want, the product you want to sell could be a 1:1 coaching package to set up and sell your Yoga Workshop.

    Test your market and see if this is something people are interested in. How? By surveying, asking questions in focus groups (online or offline) and really find out what your Ideal Client actually believes they want.

  3. Pre-sell it and let the world know what you’re up to
    This is Persona Branding 101. Letting the world know what you do. Oh, but wait – you’re still stuck on a name, right?

    By now you should have a fair idea of who, what and why you want to sell your services or products, So keep it simple to start with – who is in your circle of influence who can help you share what you’re doing.

    E.g. let’s just say you know half a dozen Yoga Instructors already and you let them know that you’ve got a 1:1 service to help you set up and sell your workshop or retreat so you can step out on your own and stop doing timetabled classes, you’ve already hit the nail on the head.

It doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, you already have the answer right in front of your nose. We can never see what’s in front of us because we make things so difficult for ourselves, so why not just go out and talk about what you love to do, do it with passion and heart and watch the themes in what you say and do, this becomes your message and you’ll notice (in a really short space of time) what you bring to the world.

Still stuck?

I know, it can be frustrating getting to the sweet spot of what you do and what you can talk about that will add value and attract clients to you, but it can be really simple.

Want to get clarity now? My Ignite Your Light sessions are designed to get your clear and on-point within 90 minutes. Intense, but awesome and you’ll know exactly what to do!

Love Susan xx