Say what you have to say, but say it in a certain way.

Did you know that when it comes to First Impressions, it’s not what you have to say that get’s noticed, it’s how you say it.  Only 7% of what you say is influenced by the words you choose, so you need to choose them wisely.  Especially if your business requires you to be on the phone, the stats here are different, 70% of how you are perceived is based on the tone of your voice and 30% is on what you say.  Clearly, what you say is not as important as how you say it.

The picture above was taken at my 40th birthday party this year.  I’m with my good friend Marie, take a look at our faces.  The charmer who is talking to us had us laughing, I’m clearly engaged in what they have to say and Marie, although she is caught on camera with her eyes down, is also humoured by what is being said.

What is interesting here is that the person talking to us may have had very little to talk about, but conversed in such a way that we were all very amused.

Any comedian on stage has a very short introductory time frame to engage the audience.

And it’s no different for you as a Woman in Business, Online or Offline.

Which leads me to your Online Persona.  This is a subject which has almost “fallen into my lap” for want of a better phrase.  Being online is something that I just LOVE for many reasons.  One of those is the accessibility for us to connect and get together as well as convenience, I’m a  “instant gratification” kinda girl, you know if you want something, you can just press “click” and it’s almost instantaneously yours.

Another reason for me being Online is that it’s a place for me to house my business website, but also to blog.  I love blogging and I have done since the days of the early bloggers over on The Language of Style (which is now on hold as it’s being re-purposed).  When I create an article or piece of news I am using my voice and have the freedom to tell my story.  And in telling my story, I am hopefully able to inspire, teach, give hope, share dreams and passions as well as develop my business so that I can live the life of my dreams and leave behind an awesome legacy.

Over the last few years I’ve had some real trials, ups and downs, as well as some serious highs and serious lows.  I’ve kept going with a dogged determination and belief that I CANNOT FAIL and that I will succeed online.  And then some clients came to me, asking me “who took your LinkedIn profile picture” as well as comments around my Facebook / Twitter posts and also asking if I could help them to achieve the same “reality” and “authentic” persona with their own Online Profiles.

And the idea was born.  I haven’t looked back, I have clients who are literally changing their lives by simply updating and changing their profiles online (and I haven’t even had the chance to catch up with dealing with my own, it’s hilarious), from one Actor who looked too tall, too thin, too young to getting an audition and is now on a regular TV advertising campaign to a new entrepreneur who wanted consistent and believable branding.

Having an Online Persona that matches your Offline Personality allows you to Be You, all of the time.  Sometimes that can be the serious you, the fun you, the corporate you, but mostly the innate you having a voice and leaving behind a very stylish Online Legacy.

Here’s to your success…styled online!

Love Susan xxx