Style is Personal.  Image is Public.’ – what do you want the world to see?

Image isn’t about Perfection. It’s about understanding what works for you, in the Where, When, How, Why and WHAT is important.

I want to open with a question.

Does your Image or talking about your Image make you feel uncomfortable?

If the answer is YES, I hear you.  I totally understand where you are coming from.  I know what it feels like to feel completely uncomfortable in my clothing, but also in my own skin.

Here’s the thing.  I was bullied when I was at school.  And I wasn’t just a kid that got picked on, I was tormented for years and years, in school and at home.  The bullying had a profound affect on me in more ways than one.  Here’s some of the things I used to think / say to myself:

  • Why would anyone love me
  • I don’t fit in
  • No-one cares about me
  • No-one wants to “know” me
  • I’m on the outside looking in
  • If I “disappeared” no-one would notice or even care

Don’t worry, I don’t think those things any longer.

Because I didn’t “believe” that I belonged anywhere, I started to dress like I didn’t belong.  Back in the 80’s I went through a rebellious phase and I would have been tagged as a “Goth” although I erred more on the side of “Punk” with a touch of “Glam Rock” thrown in the mix, much to my Mothers’ delight, of course!

The effect of me dressing in such a way worked brilliantly.  I had very few friends at school and certainly did not fit into the “cool gang”.  And all of the time that I was dressing and acting like I didn’t belong, I couldn’t help but wonder “what’s so special about the cool kids”.


Fast forward a couple of years.  In the summer holidays I would work for my Grandmother in her hotel.  My wonderful Grandmother would take me shopping to buy me new clothes  (imagine a Grandma who is always impeccably dressed and me with a mini mo-hawk and tattoos) as part-payment for the work I would do.  She wanted to get me out of my “Goth Gear” and as she put it “to make you more presentable otherwise you’ll not get a good job when you leave school”.

My style would wax and wane between “out there” and “normal”.  I knew that I had to conform to a certain degree (Gran was right, to get a good job), but I was not ready to give up any of my own creative style personality.  And I didn’t.  I even still had a face piercing whilst working in a corporate role.

Fast forward to where I am now.  Teaching others how to use Style and Image to increase their authority and personal brand Online & Offline.


Here’s the thing.  I may know all of the “rules” and “science” behind Image.  And I also know a lot about Fashion and Style.  But I also know this.

I am not perfect.  I don’t claim to be and never will.  I constantly “break the style rules” because that’s who I am.  Will I teach you the rules?  Yes.  Do I care if you break them? No.  Do I care if your Style & Image hold you back from where you want to be?  Absolutely, Yes.

I use my Style and my Image to open doors when I require, or keep them shut when I need them to be.  I use my Style and Image to portray the person that I really am on the inside.  And no it’s necessary to “fake” it, particularly when you are going somewhere important and you need to be on your game, all you have to do is “be” it – feel it and believe it.

Realistically, all I do is teach others to tell their story.  It begins with your Visual Image, your walking / talking resume.  Your Style!

Use your Style and your Image to tell the world what you REALLY want the world to see.  Be Honest with your SELF.  Know what you look like.  Inside and Outside.  Observe what you do and why you do it.

But most importantly, Be Yourself.  Be Comfortable with Who You Are.  Style & Image are important.  But there’s no such thing as Perfect.

Love Susan xx

P.S  I LOVE a “selfie” and there’s irony in the pictures.  Maybe you get my message, maybe you don’t.  Add a little fun into your day!