Before you ask, it’s the amount of years you’ve spent mastering your trade / skills / experience, the thing you “do”.

For example, let’s just say you’re a coach and you’re new to the industry. You may not have much career capital as a Coach, but you may have lots in another way… because you have chosen to work within the healing industry where you’ve been a healer for 10+ years and added coaching onto your business as it creates a better experience for your client, make sense?

The reason I’m asking you this question is simple.

You’ll doubt our own capability when you are new to an industry, market or niche.

Because you don’t relate your other experience to where you are now.

In the 20 odd years I worked in the Career Coaching / Recruitment I’d look at all of your skills and background because there’s always something transferable in there to add-in/on to your Career Capital.

However, nothing beats EXPERIENCE and lots of it, in mastery of what you do.

Because when you are in it for the long-game, not only do you get better at what you do, you uncover your GREAT WORK.

This is your Soul’s Work.

It’s not your Purpose. Your purpose is to know Who You Are and to be of Service (to self) and others. Simple.

Your Great Work and Soul’s Work is what you are aiming for when you are creating Career Capital.

It’s the stuff that becomes so unique, different and special to you, NO-ONE else can claim it.

So, my next question for you is this:

Amongst your bajillion ideas, creativity and passions, do you KNOW, innately, deeply, inherently what you are here to “do”?

You can’t get it wrong BTW.

You can stray off path, but you’ll always be guided back.

You can never not hear your calling.

You can ignore it though.

But would you want to?

Would you want to say NO to yourSELF and YES to others’ expectations for you?

I want you to take a moment here.

Journal this out.

Take some time for yourSELF to write down what you believe is your true Soul’s Work, what has brought you to where you are today?

What are the consistent themes and golden threads running through your Career history, your life experiences and what you “do” for others?

What does this tell you?


Why aren’t you living in your truth, every day, Being, Doing and Having all the things you were BORN to do?

I know the answer.

You’re frightened

Of what you might lose

Let me tell you a secret….

…you cannot lose anything.

It’s impossible.

Yes, your life can change

People will move on or out

You’ll grow and change your identity of SELF

You’ll step into your potential

You’ll create MAGICAL things

But you’ll not lose a thing

That’s just perception

When you can see that you can change your perception on ANYTHING

Your whole world will never be the same.

Tell me, would you be afraid if you knew that you could never “lose”?

Would you change your life to suit your SELF rather than stay stuck in the expectations of others?

Would you LISTEN and ANSWER the deep calling of your Soul?

Because beautiful one, you get to choose.

I love you.

Susan xxx

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