If you aren’t aware of your surrounding as well as who you are, how can you say you are listening?

Brand. Careers. Business. Image. They are all one of the same thing. And something that has been bugging me for a few weeks now, I want to share with you today.

Managing your Career in today’s new world of work is exactly the same as managing a business (with a few different principles, but hear me out) because Your Career IS Your Business. There’s a paradigm shift and if you aren’t ready to change your mindset and your thinking around this, you’ll be left behind.

So, where’s your head at? What do you want from Your Business? Who do you want to work with and how can you influence to get what you want?

Firstly, you have to uncover what you are on this amazing planet for. What do you spend most of your time thinking about? What’s your story and how can you marry this up with your skills and experience to create a picture of your strengths and assets. These, ultimately are what you will contribute and add value with – your assets.  And when you use the assets that you LOVE you don’t really “work” in a job anymore as you will thrive enjoying what fulfills you.

We all have stories (some of us more than others), picking the “one” that aligns with your values, goals and how you want to give back in this world will support you in standing out.

And once you Stand Out you can then work out how to “fit in” to the mould of your client and then use your influence to add value by creating outcomes and results. Because basically, that’s what you will get paid for.

Re-think how you manage Your Career as a Your Business and you will be ahead of the competition (well, you’ll exclude competition because there won’t be any).

Love Susan xx