When you don’t stop, to breathe, learn & evaluate as well as re-generate you will max out

Happy New Year !  I hope that 2015 has been great for you so far.  I wanted to share this video with you to let you know that sometimes, it’s OK to slow down.

At the end of last year, I started to max out in overwhelm.  Too many clients (that shouldn’t be a problem I hear you say), too many different programs & pieces of work, mixed with travel, fun and doing the things that I love, plus a year of working almost 7 days a week and 16 / 17 hour days is going to get you eventually.  And it got me.

So, I switched myself off.  I looked at everything that I had done in the year and started to re-evaluate just exactly what it is that I want in my life, my business and for my amazing clients.  Without this clarity, it’s impossible to be of service.  And that’s what being an entrepreneur (for me) is all about.  Innovating – that is, finding new ways to do things with your story, skills and experience and couple this with service, bringing value to other people’s lives.

I also started to simplify.  To shed the things in my life that I no longer needed.  Stacks of shoes, suitcases full of clothes, electric appliances that were gathering dust, it’s all just material and so un-necessary.  Removing the clutter meant that I had space, for me.

It’s important for anyone who is embarking on finding their “greatness” to remember that it’s OK to slow down.  Now that I am “back” aligned and congruent with my “self” I can start to establish what it is I want to bring to you.

Which will be, lessons on career transition (at any age, in particular after redundancy), how to set up a micro-business and make money online and of course, the usual inspiration that comes from me daily on my Instagram, Facebook & Twitter accounts.  None of my programs are available to buy into at the moment, I will be re-launching both The Powerful Personal Brand and The Language of Style in the coming months.  If you are interested in either you can add your name to the waiting lists by clicking the links above.  I am doing some career transition mentoring at the moment, so if you want out of your shit job and into something awesome, drop me a line or book in for a 30 minute chat (it’s free and no obligation – the link is on the sidebar) and I’ll get your mind 100% clear on your direction.

Let me know your thoughts on slowing down, getting “stuck in the mud” of overwhelm and finding your way back out.  Pop your comments below and I will respond!

Love S xxx