Online is the new frontier. It’s time for you to stake your claim, or be left behind. Simple. – Susan Young

Is Social Media a killer of our future generations or is this the very beginning of how our lives are going to be?

Firstly, let me say this.  Social Media and Social Networking are not going anywhere.  This is not some “phase” we are going through and people aren’t going to get “sick” of being online, simply because Facebook keeps changing it’s mind every 5 minutes.

However, there are lots of people out there who genuinely don’t believe in it’s power or worthiness for our futures.  Why?  Well, that escapes me because whenever I’ve had discussions around this subject not one person can tell me a good reason not to use Social Media as I have an answer for all of your objections.  Really, I do.

Here’s some of the arguments I’ve heard this week so far:

“when you are on the train in the morning, everyone is on their iPads or smartphones” to which I replied, go back 10 – 20 years and look at everyone on the train and they were all reading the newspaper.  What’s the difference?

“so many people are now addicted to stupid games such as Candy Crush on Facebook and their phones, it’s such a waste of time and human energy” – to which I replied, people have been addicted to games since the dawn of existence, you can’t tell me that the best chess players in the world haven’t evolved into using social networks to compete globally?  And if we are wasting time and human energy playing games, what about the time and human energy that’s wasted sitting on sofas watching TV?  What’s the difference?

“everyone is so self-obsessed online, so many selfies, updates on who and what they are doing, over-sharing is over-bearing” – to which I replied, do you remember the polaroid camera?  And when they invented a new mini-one that was all the rage a few years ago.  People were self-obsessed then and they will always be.  We have egos and we all want the world to know how awesome we are.  Social media just makes it easier for us to to that.  In the past you would have had to work a lot harder to be seen in the public eye, but it was still possible, if you really wanted to.  And if you wanted to share, most people still went to networking groups, clubs and pubs and did exactly the same thing.  What’s the difference?


I live and breathe being online.  My business wouldn’t be the same without it.  I love making videos and yes, I probably am a little self-confessed, self-obsessed.  But only because I know that if I continue to share my passion and message, there will be someone, somewhere out their paying attention and the impact that I will have made could possibly changed their lives for the better.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Please share your comments and wisdom below!

Love Susan xx