People buy from people. Is your Personal Brand aligned to “your people”? – Susan Young

Are you the biggest influence in your niche or target industry market?  NO?  Then it could be because you haven’t taken full ownership of your Personal Brand.

It may be that you work for an organisation that already has a strong brand and market presence.  Hiding behind this is just not enough anymore.

In fact, you as a recruiter aren’t the only ones who are doing Google searches on people, clients and candidates are doing this to you too.
It’s worth considering the fact that you may be being perceived as the industry leader or the industry loser and the effect is just like that – you are either going to be loved or loathed and it will take more than one introduction or phone call to change that perception if it’s a negative that is being received.

And on top of that, you will be judged by lots of other factors too:  sound of your voice, pace and tone, your knowledge of the industry and roles / clients you are working with, your presentation (online and offline), your profile photos (do you have one) and your influencing ability and where you are “hanging out” – be it at networking events or online forums.  All of this and more has a direct relation to why people buy from people, the relationship begins with your Personal Brand and also how you manage that brand over time.

As the recruitment industry changes and technology and the web are our constant source of information, it’s up to you to take ownership of who you are and how you are being perceived today.

Begin with a self-assessment online.  Google, Bing and Yahoo your name to see what comes up, if you come up at all.  If you have to get to the 2nd page of any of these search engines to find yourself, then you aren’t being seen, nor are you making an impact.  Your competition are!

And if that’s true, then you could be losing more clients, more candidates and more business than ever before.

Have a happy week.

Susan x