We are all powerful beings. And this power comes from knowing how to find peace within our hearts and being grateful for everything that we have. – Susan Young

Do you find that the right advice is always there if you actually pay attention and listen?

I’ve been working so hard on my business, doing my own thing that sometimes I forget to pay attention and listen to those who are very close to me.  And I had a friend point this out to me, very clearly on Sunday.

Have you ever had someone be so honest about how they feel in terms of your behaviour that it has made you cry?  Well, this is what happened.  I cried after the conversation for a good hour.  And I thought about what my friend was telling me.

It comes back to what I mentioned in my previous post about communication and relationships.  Nothing works well without good communication.  But we all have different ways of managing how we communicate and also our inherent belief systems have different versions of what is “right, wrong, good or bad” so how do we manage certain relationships successfully where our communication styles are off the charts on different courses?

My ex-partner continually told me that I should be more grateful.  I wasn’t clear on just exactly what I wasn’t being grateful for, because in my heart of hearts I am grateful for everything that I have in my life.  I have come to realise that my communication may have others perceive that I am not grateful, in this case, for my relationships with my female friends.

My friend on Sunday said “it’s not all about you Susan” which is exactly the same thing that my ex used to say to me all of the time.  Here’s what I do (a bad habit or a good one, depending on how you see it) – if someone is sharing an experience with me, I have a tendency to relate to that experience so that I can show empathy and understanding.  BUT what I have learned is that my sharing is actually seen as comparing…. which is never what I intend, I just come across the wrong way.  Hmmmmm.  So I have some work to do on that.

Righto.  OK, I get it now.  And that’s awesome because it’s up to me to work out when and where I should share or not share, or just be a really good friend and LISTEN!

And something else I learned this week.  The truth of what you do, when it is explained to you, actually sets you free.  And I am incredibly grateful for my friend stepping up, being honest and telling me the truth.  I didn’t “hear” it from my ex partner as I was too close to listen and I possibly didn’t want to.  But I am grateful for all of my relationships, good, bad or indifferent.  They have all provided me with something, whether it’s learning more about who I am or a lesson, or for the other person to learn something from me.

We grow and learn by supporting one another.  I also attended the ICMI Women in Leadership / Women in Business event this week where there were presentations from Jacqui Cooper, Matina Jewell, Aimee Marks, Holly Ransom and Christine Nixon AMP who are all incredible women who shared the same end vision and lesson which was that we all need to listen, empower, communicate, educate and assist one another.  Whether it’s family, friends, colleagues, peers, strangers at networking events, we all have the ability to influence and make an impact through our connections and by being grateful for all that we have in our current situations, particularly when you are faced with tough decisions, adverse situations, major crisis and challenges, this is where our strength and power rise.

I hope this makes sense this week.  Have an awesome one!

Love Susan xxx