Say what? Never niche……?

I know, it sounds like sacrilege coming from someone who teaches how to do this. But here’s why you shouldn’t…

  • You don’t have a business (yet)

So, you have a great idea for a business and you want to head out into the world and sell the thing. Cool, this is awesome, however, have you done the research required to know if your product or service will sell?

This is where most people come unstuck to start with. You can’t possibly niche something if you don’t have a product or service that has been made for a specific target market. Why? Because I’m betting all my Bitcoin that you DON’T have a marketing budget (for advertising) that will reach everyone and their Granny, plus if you did KNOW the answer to this, you wouldn’t have a niching problem.

By the way, you have a business when you are consistently making sales and generating an income. You have a hobby if you aren’t working daily on marketing (making yourself visible) and closing sales. That’s the hard truth.

So don’t try niching until you’ve done your research and know that you have something that actual real, live people want to buy, not your friends who reckon it’s a great idea but don’t know how to run a business. In fact, you shouldn’t be in business if you aren’t willing to show up & SELL something.

  • You’re a new coach/healer/practicioner and don’t have the experience of helping someone to achieve their desired outcome

Your first year in business should be an experiment. How do you know WHO you want to work with unless, you are specifically working with people on a problem you’ve solved for yourself and you want to teach others how to do the same (then you have your niche, bingo-bango)?

Knowing WHO you want to work with is actually the key. And unless you’ve experienced working with lots of different people, you won’t know this until you do.

And herein lies the problem. How can you go to market without knowing who and wanting to experiment with to find out… ah-the catch-22…

Let’s make this super simple…

Because the truth is that you should niche (I know, I fibbed with the title). Here’s how to make it super simple.

  1. Choose a specific problem you want to solve with your product / service (this is your shop window) for example, I help you to solve your niche problem so you can create a message for your market and create connections with the people you want to work with and make sales.
  2. Decide on a specific target market / demographic (please don’t say women between the age of 18 – 55, that is NOT specific). Think about who you relate to the most. For me, I am 44 years of age so I have NO clue what the younger folks in the world or are up to, but I can tell you what a 38 – 44 year old will be going through in their business/life/relationships/family/soul growth etc.
  3. Dig a little deeper (create yourself an invisible friend. Yep, that’s what I said. Make her/him so real that you know them better than they know themselves and TRUST that when you do create this person, they exist for reals, because they do). This person is most likely to be a version of you a couple of years ago.
  4. Don’t try to build something you have no experience of (most businesses are born out of a need that you had or a problem that you’ve solved for yourself, especially in service based businesses, so think about your story and how you came to where you are right now).

You really should see this an experiment though. It took me ages to pick my first niche when I went out in business on my own (yet, I was very specific in my corporate role, which is why when I got out of my own way, it became clear and easy). And don’t give yourself a hard time for not being able to figure it out, we’ve all been there!

Have lots of conversations with lots of people. Get out and network and uncover what’s really going on for the folks you ‘think’ you might want to work with.

Then you’ll get closer and closer to knowing your niche by knowing who your ideal client is.

And if you are “multi-passionate” all you need to do is create a shop window for your ideal client to look through, they can get the rest of your brilliance when you welcome them in.

Now, one last thing. This is my zone of genius. I can get you clear on your niche and ideal client in 90 minutes. If you want to do this with me and stop the frustration once and for all, book in for an Ignite Your Light Session and if you use the code TASH you will receive an amazing discount until the 31st January 2018.

Let me know in the comments if this has been helpful.

Love Susan x

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P.P.S If you have a question, fire away and I’ll answer as soon as I can.