The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing – Walt Disney

What is a micro-business and why would you regret not building one?

Before I dive deep into the micro-business basics that you need to know, I want you to picture this:

It’s your 90th birthday and you are sitting in your rocking chair, on the veranda looking back at your life.  What would be your biggest regret (not that anyone should have regrets BTW, we are just playing a hypothetical game here) and you can only pick one of the 3 choices below, what would it be for you?

1.  Not living the life you dreamed of?

2.  Not finding the time to do the things you love?

3.  Living in mediocrity?

The scariest out of them all for me is number 3.  Because it leads back to number 2 and number one.  Which is the exact reason why I made the decision to build my own business (which is a micro-business by the way).

microbusiness – from


a very small-scale business, esp. owner-operated with few employees; also called microenterprise

My biz is “very small scale” in the grand scheme of things, but I have global reach, influence and impact as my wee biz is all operated from the wonderland called the internet.  You know, that digital space that you are playing in right now.

And this wonderland of the internet never ceases to blow my tiny little red-headed but disguised as blonde head that we can build and create our own futures, building micro-businesses online.  In fact the last folks to come and visit my site (all 1,478 of them yesterday) didn’t arrive to say hello from my home town of Melbourne (where if I had a bricks and mortar shop this would be nigh impossible) they came from all over Europe, China and the US to name a few (and of course, some awesome Aussies too)…it’s pretty darn amazing don’t ya think?

So why on earth would you regret NOT starting your own microbusiness today?  Here are my top ten really f***ing awesome reasons:

1.  1000 women start a new business in the US everyday, 50% of those businesses are online – will you be left behind?

2.  By 2020 40% of the workforce will be Freelancers – have you up-leveled your ability to deliver on projects so you continue to get hired?

3.  You can create your own multi-level streams of income and financial independence.

4.  When you step up and take the leap from full-time to part-time to full-time in your micro-business you create FREEDOM for yourself.

5.  Microbusiness will be the number one contributing factor to economies world-wide.

6.  It’s actually REALLY EASY to create a Digital home for yourself and develop your micro-business through the power of owning your Personal Brand, inspiring, creating impact and influence all around you.

7.  Money.  Did I already say that, well yes.  You can create passive income or full-time income, up to you, there’s that freedom thing again.

8.  You can run a micro-business AND still manage a full-time career (yes, it’s possible, I did it) so you don’t have to “give up” your salary or “safety net” (which is BS anyway).

9.  By creating an online biz that provides a product or service that helps people, you are changing the world!

10.  You have something that no-one else has (your story, skills, expertise & experience) which is highly valuable and you are doing the world a dis-service if you don’t share it.

Basically, I’m calling you out on being selfish for not stepping up and giving the world the piece of you it needs.

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Here’s the other awesome thing about building your own little digital home (and claiming your stake in the wonderland of the internet), you really don’t need much to begin.

I’ll teach you more on that next week.  Until then, have a think about what micro-business you would want to create.

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Love Susan xxx

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