Hi there

I’m Susan Young and welcome to my new site.  I am very excited to be bringing you some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G things in 2013.

This is a special year as the number signifies change and transformation.  So, that said I am busy working my little butt off to give you some tips, tricks and insights on how to recognise and get to know Your Essential Self.  YES!

Some of you will already know that I have been blogging on The Language of Style, which is also a program that I have developed (it’s freaking awesome by the way), it teaches you how to live your life in Style – your way of course – every single day of your life.

The program includes one major part which is about CHOICES and why everything that we do, no matter what all comes down to a choice that is confirmed with a decision.

Which leads me to the reason why I have posted a youtube video of me from 3 years ago on this site.

Back then, it was 2009 and I had just started my own Personal Styling business.  I was still working full-time and building my business after hours and on the weekends.  I really, really, desperately wanted to win a sum of money to help me get things off the ground, out of debt and have some cash to spare to inject it into my business and get myself my first apartment.

Big ask right?


If you don’t make the right decisions.

I actually worked very hard to get myself onto Hot Seat.  It’s a rigorous process, but I made things happen to ensure I got on.

Leading up to my Hot Seat appearance, I had absolutely convinced myself that I would win $100,000.  And this was exactly what I needed to make the changes I desired.  So, I created a vision board which had all of the elements on there that I thought would be necessary to get my thoughts going in the right direction and also to start making it real so that I could manifest the money to come to me, similar to when you write down on of your thoughts, it really does start to manifest and things happen.

What I didn’t do (and this comes down to making important decisions) is glue all of the elements onto the board.  Instead, I had placed the board on the floor in an area of my shared apartment that could be moved by anyone.  Instead, I left the board where it was with all of the elements simply placed on the board.

And this is not the only thing I didn’t do.

During our practice filming session, you have the opportunity to answer a question under the lights etc.  I know that my intuition is strong and I also know that when I play the game at home, the first answer that I blurt out is always the correct one.

I didn’t listen to my intuition on our practice round and I answered incorrectly.  I was quite devastated as I knew what the answer was but for one moment, I made a bad decision.  At that point it didn’t matter so much as it was our practice session, so I got over it and moved on.

Another thing that I didn’t do was this:  I believe in the old saying “find a penny pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck”.  This is a strong mantra for me as it changes my inner dialogue and generally, when I find money I have a great day.  Well, I saw a 20 cent piece lying on the corridor floor.  I actually walked past it twice.  I didn’t bend down to pick it up, even though my intuition was saying I should, I was too darn awkward and shy and possibly slightly embarrassed to do it.

Now, if you haven’t already, watch the video and see what happens.


How about that!

I was the person who started the game at the beginning of the show, I answered two questions and then bailed out and got back in at the end.  And to answer a $100,000 question.  Every single thing that I had planned was working for me.  With the exception of not listening to my intuition earlier, I was almost crying when I knew I was getting into the chair again as I was CONVINCED I would know the answer.

And the funny thing is (not funny ha-ha by the way) is that I did know the answer.  Intuitively.  BUT I DIDN’T SAY IT.  The choice I made was probably one of the worst decisions I have ever made as it cost me $100,000 (to be fair, I still won $1000 so I can’t complain).

And because I didn’t win the money, I spent the next few weeks BLAMING everything else, not my bad decision of course, and suffering long restless nights asking myself why did I just not say the correct answer?

I blamed my house-mate for knocking all of the pieces of my vision board the very day I was on Hot Seat (ahem, durrh Susan, you didn’t glue the pieces down AND it was in place where it could be trampled on).  I blamed a man in the audience for shaking his head “no” when I picked the incorrect answer (ahem, durrh).  I blamed myself for not thanking the other contestants who did what I had asked in the green room (which was, let’s try and keep the money in and not answer incorrectly and bail out until such time you might as well go for the money).

Blame, blame, blame and in doing this, I just made myself more upset and I continued for a few months to make similar bad decisions and crazy choices.

The lesson here my friends is pretty clear.  We are all in TOTAL CONTROL of our lives, our choices and decisions.  And everything that we do, comes down to a choice.  EVERYTHING.  Whether you are making a choice for yourself or deciding on something for someone else.

When we are making these choices our INNATE inner ESSENTIAL Self is telling us (whether we want to hear it or not) what the best decision is.

And how often do we not listen?  Blinkin’ Flip!  If I had a dollar for every time I didn’t listen!

How often do we regret and blame for not “going with our gut”?

I’m here to teach you how to listen to YOUR ESSENTIAL SELF.  This extract of my life is just one mini experience out of a squidrillion experiences that I can share with you.  And in teaching you how to listen, you will start to make better, more empowering choices.  You will start to discover all of the things that you had forgotten about your SELF.


Get ready to listen to your own wisdom, truth and self.  Get ready to start saying YES and owning who you are.

It’s pretty damn cool when you do!

Love Susan xxx