In fact, you’ll do MUCH BETTER if you just show up being yourself, as you are, every damn day.

Because the truth is this: you have all been DUPED into believing that those perfectly polished photos and carefuly crafted copy and curated content is the way to do business (and life).

And it’s not.

You get to live a life of truth.

You get to BE yourself, everyday.

BEing yourself isn’t easy though, because you have to start unravelling ALL of the stuff that’s been put on you.

Expectations. Rules. All the beliefs that are just stories in your head. That’s all they are.

I BURNED MY PERSONAL BRAND MANAGEMENT AGENCY TO THE GROUND (not literally, metaphorically.. just in case you think I’m “that‘ crazy) because I was tired of “creating” persona’s that weren’t real, weren’t true.

People trying to be something that they’re not.
Fitting into boxes or old, outdated models of McFizzle that is no longer true, or that isn’t going to serve this world.

I STARTED TO WAKE UP to the fact that the way we were showing up was totally inauthentic (even though we BELIEVED we were being Authentic, we weren’t BTW) and so I stopped working for about 18 months.

I sat in OBSERVATION of what was going on.

I RECOGNISED what everyone who is trying to create online (and offline too) is only what SOCIETY is telling us we “should” be doing.. to Impress people and give them a Perception of us.

And you know what?

The ONLY perception that matters, is YOURS.

How you FEEL about you and what you do.

It’s THAT feeling state which attracts or repels things to you.

It’s one of the immutable laws of the Universe (the Law of Vibration, which trumps the Law of Attraction FYI).

So if you are in creation mode of your Personal Brand business and you’re coming up with stuff that “looks like” what all the cool kids and famous online folks have been doing, I ask you to STOP RIGHT THERE.

Is what you are creating ACTUALLY YOURS AND IN YOUR TRUTH?

I’m betting it’s not.

And you wanna know how I know this? Well, that’s easy, because I did it too… time and time and time again.

Yet, when I look at all of my writing and posts, the message has ALWAYS BEEN THE SAME:

THAT YES that comes from inside of you, not outside.

YES = Your Essential Self (funny, my YouTube name is actually that from a bajillion years ago when I created the profile… burned down all the videos so wait a while and I’ll make some more magic for ya)…

What is your YES telling you today?
Do you listen to your HEART and your SOUL?

Are you really creating something that’s YOURS?

Before you go any futher creating, fixing, modelling and doing what you think you should be doing… get quiet.

Get really quiet.

And listen.

To The Language of Soul.

Love Susan xx

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