You get what you pay for?  Is quality over quantity is always best?  In life, whether it’s a purchase of a new car, a new suit or dress or a glass of wine is it true that the price you pay defines the quality of the goods?

Let’s take a look at your Business as an example.  Are you charging a fee for your service which equals money for your time?

If so, how did you come up with your pricing?  Did you field what your competitors are doing and try to undercut them, or did you increase your prices as you have a better quality of service?

I’m guessing the answer to the latter question is a great big huge resounding NO!

Are you asking your Clients and Customers the quality questions to understand their problems and provide the correct solutions?

What determines Quality and how is Quality perceived in Business?

I’m asking lots of questions as I want you to think about How you are being perceived in your industry.

To get the Clients you want and deserve in your business you need to attract the clients who want to work with YOU and WHO you want to work with.

I am not here for you if you are not interested in building your business in the Image of Your Essential Self and being.

That means that if you are in Business you have to be Genuine, Authentic, Unique and Real.  You don’t play games to get Clients and you are not what I call a “Sales Snake”.

You understand Who You Are and you understand Who Your Client is and Why they want to work with you.

If you don’t know this then you may be working with Clients who are Draining You of your time, energy and money!

Don’t just work with anyone because it’s an added $1.00 to your bottom line.  Only work with the Clients who want to work with YOU and WHO you want to work with.

Is it getting into your head yet?

Is your business adding VALUE to your Clients?  You must understand and know the value you are providing with your Programs and Services by understanding their problems and offering a solution.

And if you are offering VALUE are you also charging What You Are Worth?

The high paying clients will SEEK you out when you are doing what you love, which is running your amazing business in your own Ultimate Stylish way which will, in turn assist you in becoming Beautifully Rich!

Don’t work with the Clients you don’t want in your business as at the end of the day, they will only pay you what you think you are worth and if your business is perceived at a low value, that’s what you will receive.

What will change will you make in your business today to attract high paying Clients?

Go out and have a successful day!

Love Susan xxx