You have to Let Go to Grow

You can bloom your way, but only when you decide to get out of your own way and also, go deep within to your inner world, the world within the world.

Whatever it is that you desire, or whomever it is you want to become, the only way to truly bloom is to look down at your roots, get into your body, out of your head and into your heart and start to listen to your innate wisdom and soul.

I see you.

You want to bloom your way. You want so desperately to be seen, heard and be “all the things” you’ve dreamed of being, yet you hold back and you’re unsure why.

Have you looked deep inside you to find your truth and true nature?

Have you gone within to release the darkness and shadows and bring them into the light?


You see, blooming into the fullest, biggest and brightest version of you means letting go of all of your fears. Allowing them to raise up from your sub-conscious basement and out into consciousness so that they can be recognised, valued and heard… in your consciousness, you can make fear your friend.

Do you have a daily practice or regular ritual that takes you within? Releasing and renewing you all day, every day?

Maybe you’ve been stuck at a place in your business or career and you can’t seem to shift or move and you’re wondering why.

Or perhaps you’re also over the way we are being marketed to, the way we’ve been told we’re supposed to show up (fuck the polished perfectionism, been there, done that, bought AND sold the t-shirt then burned it all to the ground)….

…what I’m talking about here is you becoming FULLY YOU in your business and finally letting go of all the judgements, expectations, fears, beliefs and stories that you’ve been telling yourself lately that are keeping you where you are.

You can choose to stay comfortable, of course.

But you and I both know that you aren’t here to be comfortable in your small patch of the world. You and I both know that you are here to do BIG things, GREAT things and to accomplish your Soul’s Great Work… you’re being called, every single day – so now is the time to heed it.

Now is the time to liberate yourself from all the stories that got you to where you are now. It’s time to create a new identity, new stories and it’s time to Activate the REAL MAGIC within you.

Are you willing to hear that deeper call?

Are you willing to meet your shadows and fears?

Are you willing to go ALL IN with your life and BEcome who you were always meant to be?

You’re probably asking, “how do you know anything about this, why should I trust you”…

Because I’ve been where you are.

Not once, but many, many times.

After a breakup of a long-term relationship.

Left broke, broken and too ashamed to tell my friends.

Feeling guilty, worthless, stupid and frightened.

Not knowing if I could pull myself up and out of this deep dark hole.

But I made a choice in those dark days.

And I prayed. I prayed for an idea, a solution, something.

I sat in quiet and contemplation (and a lot of tears, lots of tears, streaming jaw aching tears)

And I heard it.

The quiet, faint voice inside of me.

And I listened. I took action. And within 24 hours I had gone from minus $$$ in my bank account to a few hundred.

Then I knew.

That if I could do that on an intuitive hit, that I could do anything.

Though, it’s take practice. YEARS of practice and falling down, getting back up again, to eventually TRUST MYSELF because here’s the thing;

YOU are all you’ve got.

No-one is coming to save you.

YOU have to save yourself.

Or stay where you are.

That’s the choice.

When you listen to your innate, your Soul and that inner voice, you’ll hear the call to your Soul’s Great Work. And when you do, you can’t go back. There’s no going back.

It takes discipline and practice to BE YOUrself.
Because others will try to tell you to be something else.

If you are ready, to take the steps into your new identity of self, the TRUE YOU and Activate the Magic that’s sitting inside of you, waiting to burst out in Raw, Real and Radiant ways, the doors are open to The Language of Style, Tribe & Soul where you will reconnect to your Highest Vision and create your business using the words and Wisdom of your Soul.

Join us for a transformational experience that will BLOW YOUR MIND and help you to increase your flow, abundance and change your mindset into one that is aligned and congruent to your absolute truth every day.

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I love you.

Susan xx