Today you made my heart sing!

Yes you did!  Actually, that’s a great big lie because what I’m about to say will probably piss you off and make you feel like I’m your frenemy.  What???!!!!

OK here’s the thing.  I’m not here to be liked by everyone and neither should you be.  I’ve spent WAY TOO MANY YEARS wasting my f*@#ing time worrying about what the fruit other people say about me (behind my back or straight to my face) that it got me in a super-tangle of “comparison paralysis” and I totally lost sight of who I really was on the inside and outside because I was desperately trying to blend in and fit it.

What a waste of time.  Sheesh.  But, there was a reason behind it all.  I desperately wanted to fit in as I had this old record from my past playing in my head (you know your inner voice that is either “good or bad”, yeah, that one) telling me that no-one likes you, you are an idiot for even trying, why would you even bother…. Whoa there Nellie… who talks to anyone like that, let alone talking to yourself like a complete f*@$ing nut-job.  Double sheesh!

Why then, would I say that there’s a possibility that you are about to become my frenemy?

The truth is, I don’t want you here.

Not if you are going to say nothing, do nothing and sit around and “wait for life to happen to you”.  Because that’s not how I roll (I used to LOVE lying in bed until 11 am and then wallow around in my PJ’s for half the day, OK true, sometimes I still don’t get dressed, but that’s not the point) – in fact, I REALLY don’t want you here if I offend you in any way (e.g. I swear like a f#$%ing trooper when I feel like it) even though I’m actually super-duper polite with more manners in my left pinkie than most (I meant that, it’s the damn t-a-r-ooooth).

Life does not “just happen”.  You have to make life happen for you.  And if you tell me that you are “happy” being mediocre, then you too need to leave.  And quick smart.  Seriously, I mean it!

Why?  Because NONE of what I am about to let loose onto this blog will be relevant or meaningful for you.  It will just waste your [ahem, lazy arsed sitting on the sofa] time and I wouldn’t want to do that to you.

Mediocre is a swear word to me.  Being mediocre is way worse than actual expletives in my wee opinion.  Staying mediocre only damages you, those around you and the world in general.  Mediocre sucks.  Stat.

Wanna stay?  I will let you stay IF and only if, you promise to contribute (share, comment, tell your friends about the cool-shiz you are learning about yourself… yes, gonna teach you how to be f@#$ing awesome) AND DO SOMETHING with your life.  Annnnyyyyyyyyttttthhhhhhhhiiiiiiinnnnnggggggggggg.  Just don’t be mediocre.  Coz you now know how I really feel about that.

So, what do you have that is different, special and unique?  I know that you are talented and gifted.  I know that you have your own secret sauce of awesomeness.  And I’m going to find it in you, get it out of you and make you shine like the superstar you always knew you were.. or ARE.

Stick around then.  See what happens next, but to be in the loop before anyone else, sign up to my sort of [when I feel it’s important or news-worthy or topical] newsletter thingy and you’ll get the goods straight to your inbox.  All for FREE of course.  Coz that’s really how much you make my heart sing.

I love you, honest I do.

Susan xxx