And you’re still avoiding the nudges. Still not listening to the call.

Instead, paying attention to the “gurus” and “experts”, who look like they have it all under control;

The fabulous business, the dream lifestyle and all the things you think you desire…

Yet, when you really look at what you want


It may not be even a smidge close to what they are selling / showing / should-ing

In fact, I KNOW that what you want is inherently different

Because how can they truly know what your Soul wants and desires?

And because you really don’t know what you want, you’re being sold, again and again and again into things that don’t seem to really work for you

So, you stay stuck

Wondering how you’ll ever move forward, or change this pattern of behaviour where you just can’t get clear on:

>> WHO you want to work with

>> WHY you want to work with them and

>> WHAT you really have to offer

Because being a multi-passionate, lover of all-the-things makes it difficult to choose

Who, why, what, when, how much….

And it really doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it should ALWAYS be easy, easy to choose, easy to flow into your Soul Calling and stay there… except it’s not.

Because our Ego and Monkey Minds want us to stay comfortable, or in a place that actually keeps us in pain (we are addicted to our pain, did you know that?)

And it’s this pain that you are in that the marketing, messaging and promos get you with, each and every time. It’s this pain you’re in that you so desperately want to change, shift, transform out of and move into that version of YOU you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

And you know it’s possible.

You know it’s available to you.

And it’s not about creating the perfect niche, message or website or sparkly next freaking thing, it’s about YOU stepping into your Leadership, taking the plunge, being brave and SHOWING UP.

So, instead of staying where you are, let’s get you moving in the direction of your desires and it can happen in an instant

Yep, instantly

You can “go” there. Be there. And bring forth all of your desires to you.


Be BEing them.

By FEELING them.

By Intuitively KNOWING them.

SHOWING UP for them. You can dream and vision all you like, but there’s nothing going to come to you unless you take inspired action in the Human 3D world of reality you are living in.

And no amount of Spiritual By-passing will fix that for you either #justsayin

It starts with showing up for your SELF. And being willing to do what it takes, until it takes. To be SEEN and be heard. To let your voice, presence and brilliance be known to those who need you the most.

Because they are seeking you, you know.

Your clients, your tribe, your people. They are looking for you right now.

Do you want to be found?

Do you want to be known, seen, heard and step into your role as a leader in Service?

If that’s a yes and you’re still here, then I am sending love into your heart.

Because I know that you will do what it takes, until it takes, right?


Here’s what we are going to do:

You are going to send me your niche / ideal client profile / message and I’m going to review this for you, and respond with an audio of all the things that I can find / help / dissect and put back together in words for you that will finally, get you CLEAR on who, why, how and what you are here to serve.

These mini-magical sessions are designed to get you OUT THERE & SEEN with full confidence. When you are connected to WHO and WHY your confidence will be unwavering.

Limited availability: $77.00


Want to VIP with me?

Now, this is where it gets really exciting.

Because we will tap into

The Language of Soul: your innate wisdom in words

This is an intensive that will remove the mask of who you think you are supposed to be and give you the confidence to start showing up as YOU. All you, nothing but YOU!

Because the world needs YOU, not a watered-down, filtered version of you.

You’ll be brave enough to bare your soul to the world. You’ll be fully aligned, congruent and consistent in your daily practice (and getting out of your own way) that you’ll even be amazed at how this transformation attracts the right people to you, as if by magic.

And I’ll teach you a neat way to call in your clients too. Which works BTW. Proven, time and time again.

This intensive is 6 hours (or 2 x 3-hour sessions so we can maintain momentum)

This is perfect for you if you are struggling to really know and understand your ideal client and talk to her (or him). We’ll dive deep into your Soul Calling and using both Intuition and my zone of genius of hearing, seeing and reading your message and bringing it out into the open.

This is a GIFT for yourself and your business, because you WILL create clients and connections through your Language of Soul.

PM or comment “Soul Language” below and I’ll get in touch.

I love you.

I see you.

Susan xx